Friday, December 26, 2008

Hope your holiday's were filled with cheer!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday experience. I am truly blessed, and can say that I have nothing more that I could ever want, (except some not so important materialistic things) of course!

Seeing as I don't post pictures of my wife or kids, I'll share a couple of Christmas pictures of the cats and dog.

I don't have pictures with cats and their new mice, 'cause, well, they get them every year. I do have a few good ones though.

Can you find Beethoven the cat in this picture?

How about now?

(Wolfie on lower step, Beethoven on upper step)
Did anyone say Cheese????

Cy's new walkin boots (first time on his feet).
Doesn't look too happy does he???

Cy's new hedge hog

Cy's new moose

It was a joyous day with friends and family.
I hope yours was as well.

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