Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010 Spring Flood Run photos

What's that in that side Car?

A St. Bernard!

Wicked Cool old Sporty.

Gibson Les Paul guitar bike.

Up one end of the road

Down the other

How we roll

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need a Harley-Davidson Crash Bar for those Dawgs?

If you've been admiring the Desert Dawgs - wishing you too could be warmer and dryer when you ride - but just never got around to installing the crash bar on your Harley-Davidson ... we can fix that!

We now offer the Harley-Davidson engine guard bars!

Combine classic shape and modern function for a unique twist on engine protection by choosing the "Mustache" bar (for Harley Softail, Fat Boy and Dresser). Or choose the "Nostagic" look for your Softail Deluxe.

The "Standard" look is always a winner, and offers the best protection against rain and cold weather when the Desert Dawgs motorcycle rain guards are installed.

Whatever you choose, we have motorcycle rain guards for all of 'em. You no longer have to go two different places; you can get everything you need right here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mount Two Gadgets at Once - For $10 Less!

We're living in a digital age. But how is a rider to mount so many gadgets on their motorcycle?

The answer is the eCaddy Ultra! The eCaddy Ultra is now shipping, and to kick off sales right, we're giving you an additional $10 off!

This beautifully chromed, made-in-the-USA mount attaches to the handlebar or controls - no special tools required. Mount vertically OR horizontally! Each slotted end accommodates your choice of gadgets:

• iPod/MP3
• iPhone/cell phone
• Satellite radio
• Camera
• Radar detector
• Blackberry (PDA)
• Drink holders
• Toll passes

Click here to see more. Use code DUAL-410 at checkout. Expires APRIL 30.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


honda vario cbs techno low rider
Honda Vario CBS techno low rider, this is the most frequent modifications in the scooter-lovers to do the modifier of Indonesia, with big tires, big body and of course flat. That is the main attraction of the modified low rider. and this time the victim is a modification of vario hodan new techno CBS launched a few months ago. already in the brush Manjadi low rider tough.

Reviews of new honda vario cbs techno
Security features are also present added comfort, the feel skutiknya safe, certainly more comfortable and calm while driving. Vario Techno CBS continue the legacy of security features in pairs in the Vario, such as the side stand switch, parking in a secure key lock and auto shutter.

Well in this Techno CBS Vario added one more feature that is Combi Brake System (CBS). In this technology the rear brake lever, when pressed to distribute the braking force is not just to the rear wheels but also to the front wheels.

"Combi Brake system is expected to help motorists get used to only use the rear brake. With these features the risk of locking the rear wheels when braking suddenly can be reduced, "the U.S. sure Tedjo Siswojo, Senior General Manager of Technical Services, PT AHM. Not only safer but more comfortable, especially for beginner riders.

In addition, now under the handlebar rack equipped with a capacity quite relieved. Utility box under the seat also comes with a lid. Letters of information in a secure key auto shutter phosphor-coated in order to remain visible in the darkness. And the most pampering eye is an indicator panel which is far more exciting than the previous Vario.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Swastika and the chopper cult

Not only do bloggers blog, they read others blogs. I guess that is the point.
In doing so myself, I frequent a lot of blogs that do not much more than post cool pictures of bikes. Mainly choppers, specifically bobber style choppers, Jap. style bobbers, and Brat style bobbers.

Of these many sites, several pictures are posted that show Swastikas. Particularly what appears to be the Nazi Germany Swastika. So I have to ask myself, WTF? WTF is with the chopper cult and the Nazi Swastika?

This has been on my mind for quite some time. While going on the internet to find a picture to post, the first place I went was Wikipedia. There, I learned a ton more information is available on the history of the Swastika, and it was widely used prior to Nazi Germany taking it as their symbol.
As much as I love visiting and looking at these pictures, I still wonder why the chopper cult has latched onto the Nazi Germany symbol. Do they think it is cool? I think people sporting Swastikas look like prejudiced uneducated dumb fucks myself. What the Hell does it have to do with riding motorcycles anyway?

I just don't get it.

Motorcycle Rain Guards a Hit at 40 Degrees - Cold Weather Riding

From another satisfied customer...

"I just received my Desert Dawgs for my 2010 Road King. Put them on this morning and went for a 90 mile ride. They installed very easily and were a perfect fit. What a difference ... it was 40 degrees and I could feel the improvement immediately. Thank you very much! I even received them a couple of days early. Well worth the money!" - Randy

RIDE ON! (No matter what the weather!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reflective Motorcycle Vests Now Available

Ask any motorcyclist, and they'll tell you their biggest safety concern is OTHER DRIVERS - being being cut off, run over, etc. It's a constant, serious threat.

However, there are some things you can do as a motorcycle rider to help reduce the number of surprises you face and help you avoid getting blindsided by someone else's last-minute (and perhaps terribly bad) decision.

At Leader, we're very interested in this issue, because we ride with our young son (and, soon, our daughter). We also ride in dusk and dark conditions on semi-rural county roads (which I just did last night).

So our first step - and recommendation to you - is to get a really good reflective vest. We've tried a few and we've found what we think are the BEST ones around. As usual, we tested them ourselves BEFORE we offered them to you, our customers!

The Reflexite® strips on these motorcycle vests allow the highest amount of light to reflect back. Because they have reflective material on BOTH the front and back, you're much more "covered."

And - just as important to us bikers - they look great. No gawdy, flappy orange construction look here! The black mesh is not only attractive and blends with motorcycle leathers, but it's the highest-quality mesh you can get.

These vests are available in two styles and in eight different color configurations. We haven't seen any vests like this - ever!

And, in keeping with our company policy, these vests are MADE IN AMERICA, yes, manufactured in the USA! Check them out here!