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yamaha yzf r6

this is engine specification of yamaha yzf r6 2010:
Yamaha YZF-R6 is a motorcycle that powere with engine 599cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder; DOHC and 16 titanium valves.
The other specifications of 2010 Yamaha YZF-R6 are as the following:
-Final Drive: Chain
-Bore x Stroke 67.0 x 42.5mm
-Compression Ratio 13.1:1
-Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I
-Ignition : TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
-Transmission 6-speed w/multiplate slipper clutch

price list yamaha yzf r6:
The price of Yamaha YZF-R6 MSRP are as the following:
$10,490 (Raven) Available from February 2010
$10,490 (Team Yamaha Blue/White) Available from February 2010
$10,490 (Pearl White) Available from February 2010

Launch Yamaha YZF-R1 2010 and R15 White Body Color

yamaha yzf r1 2010
2010 model Yamaha YZF-R1

2010 model Yamaha YZF-R1 will soon be available for booking at all important Yamaha outlets for a price of 12.5 lakhs. in india.
yamaha R1 photos
Yamaha R1 2010 specifications:

Engine: 998cc 4 cylinder.

Power: 179.5 bhp at 12500 RPM.

Max torque: 115.5 NM.

6 speed gear box.

yamaha r15 2010Yamaha R15 2010 model

Yamaha R15 2010 model specifications:

149.8CC engine that produces 17bhp@8500rpm and 15nm max torque at 7500 rpm.

Electric start, alloy wheels, 6 gears and disc brake.

Mileage: 45kmpl.

Price of Yamaha R15 2010 White color special edition: 98490/-

Price of Yamaha YZFR1 2010: 12.5 lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi.


YAMAHA R1 2010

Features Yamaha R1 2010

* The YZF-R1 garnered the prestigious award as the 2009 Motorcycle of the Year from Motorcyclist Magazine. The YZF-R1 was chosen for its MotoGP®-inspired engine and chassis technology, and for its luxurious fit and finish.
* Back for 2010, the YZF-R1 is the only production motorcycle with a crossplane crankshaft. Crossplane technology, first pioneered in MotoGP® racing with the M1, puts each piston 90° from the next, with an uneven firing interval of 270°- 180°- 90°- 180°. This uneven order does an amazing thing… it actually lets power build more smoothly. That means smooth roll-on delivery out of the corners, with outstanding tractability, followed by very strong high rpm power. It’s a feeling that’s simply unmatched, like having two engines in one: the low-rpm torquey feel of a twin with the raw, high rpm power of an inline four. This breakthrough technology on the YZF-R1 represents a paradigm shift in both technology and performance.
* This R1 keeps all the technological superiorities developed for its predecessor: YCC-T™ (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) is MotoGP® inspired fly-by-wire technology used to deliver instant throttle response. YCC-I® is Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake which is a variable intake system that broadens the spread of power. The fuel injection system provides optimum air/fuel mixtures for maximum power and smooth throttle response.
* The R1 features Yamaha D-MODE (or drive mode) with rider-selectable throttle control maps to program YCC-T performance characteristics for riding conditions. The standard map is designed for optimum overall performance. The “A” mode lets the rider enjoy sportier engine response in the low- to mid-speed range, and the “B” mode offers response that is somewhat less sharp for riding situations that require especially sensitive throttle operation. Switching maps is as easy as pushing a button on the handlebar switch.
* In keeping with this machine’s exceptional cornering ability and crisp handling, the aluminum frame has been designed to offer exceptional rigidity balance. The rear frame is lightweight Controlled-Fill die-cast magnesium, contributing the optimum mass centralization. Suspension includes SOQI front forks which use one of the tricks developed for our winning MotoGP® bikes: independent damping. The left fork handles compression damping and the right side handles the rebound damping. And the rear shock adopts bottom linkage for optimum suspension characteristics.
* The bodywork does more than add break-away-from-the-crowd styling with its more serious, less busy look. The side fairing is smooth for a sleek appearance. And, instead of the usual four-bulb headlight design, the R1 has only two projector-type bulbs mounted closer to the nose of the bike. This positions ram air ducts closer in for a more compact, smooth look. In addition, the rounded lenses are unique to the supersport industry.

YAMAHA R1 2010

Yamaha R1 2010 Specifications

Type 998cc, liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 16 valves (titanium intake valves)
Bore x Stroke 78.0mm X 52.2mm
Compression Ratio 12.7:1
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission 6-speed w/multiplate slipper clutch
Final Drive #530 O-ring chain

Suspension/Front 43mm inverted fork; fully adjustable, 4.7-in travel
Suspension/Rear Single shock w/piggyback reservoir; 4-way adjustable, 4.7-in travel
Brakes/Front Dual 310mm disc; radial-mount forged 6-piston calipers
Brakes/Rear 220mm disc; single-piston caliper
Tires/Front 120/70ZR17
Tires/Rear 190/55ZR17
Length 81.1 in
Width 28.1 in
Height 44.5 in
Seat Height 32.8 in
Wheelbase 55.7 in
Rake (Caster Angle) 24.0°
Trail 4.0 in
Fuel Capacity 4.8 gal
Fuel Economy** 33 mpg
Wet Weight 454 lb

Primary Reduction Ratio 65/43 (1.512)
Secondary Reduction Ratio 47/17 (2.765)
Gear Ratio – 1st Gear 38/15 (2.533)
Gear Ratio – 2nd Gear 33/16 (2.063)
Gear Ratio – 3rd Gear 37/21 (1.762)
Gear Ratio – 4th Gear 35/23 (1.522)
Gear Ratio – 5th Gear 30/22 (1.364)
Gear Ratio – 6th Gear 33/26 (1.269)

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Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Ms. Glo

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery. See Ms. Glo on her 2006 Honda VTX 1300. We need more pictures of men and women with their motorcycles. Get your picture in. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

Welcome Renee

Renee is our NEW office afficionado. She'll be in charge of packaging and assembly, order processing, and answering phones. She says she is now aspiring "to be as cool as Tracey"! Guess that means she'll have to learn to ride a motorcycle...

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Rolling Thunder XXIII on Memorial Day Weekend

I just realized that Memorial Day is coming and that there will be another Rolling Thunder in Washington, D.C. on May 30, 2010. This is Rolling Thunder XXIII [1] and [2]. I remembered the feeling I had at Rolling Thunder XVIII in 2005. In fact, I wrote an article about it with pictures. Take a look.

I also noticed that a great video about Rolling Thunder is also available on YouTube.

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All walked away, without thinking what the future will be like a form of modif motor Honda Astrea Grand 1997 this time of admission to the workshop modification Motor One Heart Community (SHMC) on Jl. Highway salting Sawangan, Depok. Astrea Grand intention to restore as destroyed because of boredom with the old view.

Johan who is also skipper of this workshop SHMC admitted bored with the old view. Since the skipper is also a fan of chopper-style motorcycles, this change in any of Astrea Grand styled like a chopper.

"Incidentally gw emang already bored with the look of this grand old, i Tear down all together aja temen-temen gw by combining the concept of the chopper, and the retro style," explained the man who is familiarly called this Acong.
To bring fashionable impression, color tone candy blue paint of choice this Grand body bandage. Meanwhile, to present the impression of retro, the addition of white wall tires front and rear is also not behind. Including respiratory body back so it looks shorter.

"Basically I just want to look significantly different motor aja nih. No original rich savory diliat not already started, "he added.

Something similar is recognized Irul, a workshop co Acong who also participated in the process of this Grand Astrea surgery. Having transformed nih motor, it only became seizure Grand as operating motor repair shop.

thieves think segen aja nih near-near the motor. But it was so easy to change shape, even a bone of contention temen-temen, especially when the week end. Let bodinya cungkring so little, but rather make mejeng because it could be the center of attention the girls, "explained the man who is familiarly called this dizzy.

Talk Astrea change in this funding problem, Acong just poured funds amounting to Rp 3 million in silver only.

Workshops: One Heart Community Motors 021 97991179



yamaha scorpio r6 design is made more pointed and made fashionable the scope of water like a jet plane, the part is designed to further emphasize the characters that have this bike as a pilot, "added Topo.
To assist the fierce impression on the display front, Honda's head lamp of choice with a blanket CS1 lampholder Tauco Custom design results.
Sector in the legs, Topo combines 17-inch diameter wheel Power Deli Tire 110/70-17 tires for front and 140/70-17 for rear. While for the rear brake, disc brake dicangkokan Scorpio is owned Suzuki Satria FU 150.

To adjust the display to make it look more muscular, skipper Tauco Custom swing arm to apply from Kwangen Custom Product.


Specifications 2008 Yamaha Scorpio Z StreetFighters

Head Lamp: Honda CS 1

Future Shock: Kwangen Custom Product

Speedo Meter: Digital Kaso

Foot - PAG: Yoshimura

Stop Lamp: Shogun 125 SP

Swing Arm: Custom Product Kwangen

Wheels and tires Front: Power / Deli Tire 110-70/17

Alloy wheels, and Tires Rear: Power / Deli Tire 140-70/17

Rear Brake Disck: Suzuki Satria FU 150

Exhaust: Custom Product Kwangen

Body Kits: Galvanic Plate 0.8 mm

Workshop: Custom Tauco Jagakarsa Jl.Kebagusan Raya no.99, Jakarta Selatan


Modif Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 135 CC

Modif  Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 135 CC
Modif  Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 135 CC
Modif  Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 135 CC
Modif  Yamaha Jupiter MX 2006 135 CC


Tires Front: Deli Tire 110-70/17

Rear tires: Tire Deli 140-70/17

Velg: Power

Head Lamp: Suzuki Arashi

Stop Lamp: Custom

Stang: Kawasaki Ninja

Future Shock: Cagiva Mito

Disk Rear: Satria F 150

Body Kit Set: 0.8 mm Custom Plate Galvanic

Exhaust: AHRS


modifications adopted during this suzuki thunder 250 does look crazy, the original form of suzuki thunder was lost. suzuki thunder becomes a full modification. extreeme modifications on this bike is called dodo menthok suzuki thunder. see photos and specifications of motors thunder.


Specifications Suzuki Thunder 250 cool extreeme (dodo menthok)

Head Lamp: Kawasaki KLX 250

Rear Lights: Honda CS 1

Sign Lights Home: Supra X 125

Sein Rear Lights: Car Genio

Stang Fat Bars + Riser: ZOX

Disc Brakes Front: Wave TDR

Front calipers: Thunder 250

Rear calipers: Satria FU 150

Arm: Ivan's Custom

Jok: Ivan's Custom

Alloy wheels Front: Power 17

Rear alloy wheels: Power 17th

Tires Front: 110/70-17 Duro

Tires Rear: Battlax 150/70-17

Mufflers: Ivan's Custom

Ivan's Custom: Jl. Punto Dewo 58, Kutuwates 7.8 Sinduadi, Sleman, Yogyakarta. (081392392975)


Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Tami C.

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery. See Tami C. on her 2006 Honda VTX 1300C. We need more pictures of men and women with their motorcycles. Get your picture in. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

Motorcycle Boots For Protection and Fashion

Riding on to a motorcycle would mean having your feet resting on the foot peg for quite some time. This is probably the reason why getting the right pair of motorcycle boots for any rider is very important.

Most people would think that these boots were created with the intention of making them a fashion statement. However, most bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts know that they are there primarily for safety and convenience.

While the motorcycle helmets are created to give protection to the head, the boots on the other hand, are there to protect the feet. Regular boots would not do, as they might not have been produced as a protective gear. If you are a budding motorcyclist, make sure that you get specifically the motorcycle boots because the boot manufacturer designed them in such a way that they will give not only protection to bikers but also comfort.

There are several reasons why it is essential for a biker to use these boots but the most common is to avoid you from being burned from the heat that is coming out from the exhaust pipes of the bike. The durability of these motorcycle boots will help a lot every time your foot touches the ground whenever you are maneuvering the bike to a stop. Regular boots would most likely be damaged easily with the friction.

While these boots are primarily made for practical reasons, top boot manufacturers are creative enough to incorporate fashion into each pair without sacrificing its efficiency. This is the reason why there is a wide variety of motorcycle boots that are offered to consumers. They come in different colors, cuts and designs. The rugged working boots has come a long way and with the help of technology, they have become not only functional but fashionable too.

Today, you will see even the non-bikers grabbing a pair of boots meant for motorcycling. It has also become increasingly popular with women as it has become a fashion statement to some of them. More people are becoming aware of the kind of comfort it offers to the user. Compared with regular boots, boot designers are acutely aware that they need to put more emphasis on the comfort factor as the feet stays at the foot peg for so long during a motorcycle ride.

Motorcycle boots makes riding easier for the riders. Instead of getting sore feet at the end of the day, the right pair of boots will make sure that it will be comfortable during the ride. Some of them even has extended lower heel for easy maneuvering.

Aside from leather, other materials like metal and plastic are also used to make sure that the feet will get the utmost protection from all kinds of outdoor elements and if in case an accident will happen. It is a smart choice for bikers to get a pair of these boots.

Browse over different designs online so you will have an idea on what to get. There is no need to rush to the nearest shoe store as you can enjoy the benefits of online shopping.

For more details about motorcycle saddlebags and motorcycle boots, please visit us online.

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New Yamaha VEGA Force

New Yamaha VEGA Force

Motorcycle Flag Mounts - American Pride

Memorial Day will soon be here, and many of us will pause to remember and show our respect for our veterans and soldiers serving today (I spent five years as a paramedic in the Reserves).

If you'd like to show your pride and support - or make a statement that you still believe America is the home of the free and the brave - we now offer flag mounting kits for your motorcycle.

We have four mounting options and 13 different flags (including patriotic, military, Christian and Lady Riders), so you're bound to find one that suits you.

And, in keeping with our company beliefs, these kits are MADE IN THE USA - and have been personally road-tested by yours truly. Check them out here.

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Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Christine

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery. See Christine with her 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic. We need more pictures of men and women with their motorcycles. Get your picture in. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

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Motorcycle GPS Mount now Available for the Tom Tom XL330 and XL340

NEW! The eCaddy Deluxe GPS motorcycle mounting kit is now available for the Tom Tom XL330 and XL340 series.

The ECADDY DELUXE is a chromed-out kit that can be used to mount a GPS on a motorcycle beautifully and securely. The eCaddy is machined aluminum, chrome plated and MADE IN THE USA.

It comes in two parts: a mounting bracket (for round handlebar, Harley-Davidson switch housing or Gold Wing controls) and a plate (the "eCaddy Deluxe").

Here's how it works:

1 - Attach mounting bracket
2 - If desired, add UltraTilt for maximum angle-ability (for better viewing or to reduce sun glare)
3 - Attach cradle
4 - Snap GPS into cradle

You can see how easy this really is by viewing the DEMO VIDEO! Or start at our GPS mounting guide.

The accident

A woman is driving through an intersection and gets into an accident with a biker. It's a pretty bad one. She claimed she didn't see him.
His bike is toast and her car is also hurt pretty badly. Amazingly neither of them is physically injured; just his leathers and her pride.

God works in mysterious ways.

After they get their wits about them, the biker starts cursing about people not watching out for motorcyclists.

Trying to lighten up his mood and the intense atmosphere the accident has created, the woman says, "WOW,
just look at my car and your bike! So much damage but yet both you and I are completely unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should be friends and live in peace for the rest of our days."

The biker replies, "Oh yes, I agree completely, this must be a sign from God!
But you're still at fault. "

The woman continues, "And look at this, here's another miracle. My car's front end is completely demolished but this bottle of wine didn't break
Surely God wants us to drink this wine and celebrate our good fortune."

The biker nods his head in agreement, proceeds to take the wine from the woman, opens it for her and say's "Here, out of politeness, I'm going to let you have the first drink, even though you are still at fault".

The woman takes the bottle, drinks about half and hands it back to the man.

The biker puts the cap back on and the woman asks, "Aren't you having any?"

The biker replies, "No. I think I'll just wait for the police..."

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I have not information about this spyshot yamaha mio. but I see lots of people who post about yamaha spyshot. yamaha mio spyshot whether this is the result of modification of the ordinary or spyshot yamaha mio is a facelift of the next yamaha mio. We just wait further information about this spyshot yamaha on the next article.


yamaha xeon

PT.Yamaha latest Lansiran Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) ie Yamaha scooter matic Xeon. Having a platform that is completely new from the previous generation of Mio and Nouvo series with a series of eleven, twelve machine specifications. Xeon carries a number of new technologies in the history of the scooter matic garputala. Although some of them have been adopted by another variant of Yamaha motorcycles. DiAsil Cylinder, Forged Piston, Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS), Liquid Cooled is a technology that tersemat on MX135LC Jupiter and Yamaha V-Ixion. But this is the first in the automatic scooter Yamaha.
Another added value compared to other automatic scooter is a roomy trunk under the seat of the 'able' to swallow an open face helmet. In addition, more ergonomically designed seats. Why is it called the Xeon? Xeon acronym of the extraordinary, an extraordinary masterpiece of Yamaha. Makin unrivaled. Seeing the progress of sales this is not something grandiose for the manufacturer which is identical to this blue color. Yamaha Xeon released with five attractive colors: Black, Blue, Black, White, Black, Maroon, Black, Green, and Black-Red. With Anyar design would become a magnet for consumers ground water that has more options.
Penjualanpun target has been set. 25 thousand within a month. How much to redeem the net capacity of 124cc automatic scooter is this? OTR Jakarta and around 15.5 million rupiah. Matic scooter is not an overstatement when it juxtaposed parallel with Honda Vario CBS Techno that despite the difference anyway 10cc capacity liquid cooling technology (high berkompresi indicate this scooter) and the price is close to make it worth it. Especially if you see a direct glimpse Xeon Yamaha scooter reminiscent of the single wing lansiran matic. War has been opened in the Japanese premium scooter class. Tagline 'The Unmatched' Yamaha's ambition to strengthen the firm as a market leader in automatic scooter class.
yamaha xeon