Thursday, May 13, 2010

Motorcycle GPS Mount now Available for the Tom Tom XL330 and XL340

NEW! The eCaddy Deluxe GPS motorcycle mounting kit is now available for the Tom Tom XL330 and XL340 series.

The ECADDY DELUXE is a chromed-out kit that can be used to mount a GPS on a motorcycle beautifully and securely. The eCaddy is machined aluminum, chrome plated and MADE IN THE USA.

It comes in two parts: a mounting bracket (for round handlebar, Harley-Davidson switch housing or Gold Wing controls) and a plate (the "eCaddy Deluxe").

Here's how it works:

1 - Attach mounting bracket
2 - If desired, add UltraTilt for maximum angle-ability (for better viewing or to reduce sun glare)
3 - Attach cradle
4 - Snap GPS into cradle

You can see how easy this really is by viewing the DEMO VIDEO! Or start at our GPS mounting guide.

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