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The Norton Cafe Commando Modification

The Norton Cafe Commando Modification.....................

Ducati Marlboro Team MotoGP

Ducati Marlboro Team MotoGPDucati Marlboro Team MotoGP

Ducati Marlboro MotorcycleDucati Marlboro Motorcycle

Fiat Yamaha Galleries

Fiat Yamaha Galleries

Fiat Yamaha Team in MotoGPFiat Yamaha Team in MotoGP

Fiat Yamaha WallpaperFiat Yamaha Wallpaper

1984 Honda Astrea 800 - Cooper Modification

Motor : Honda Astrea 800 1984 (Jakarta - Indonesia)
Pemilik/Modifikator : Antonius Chandra
Fotografer : Yudi Motor Plus

Yamaha RX king Cool Modified

Yamaha RX king Cool Modified

Yamaha RX king - Gambar Modifikasi

Yamaha RX king Cool Modified Detailed specifications:

Custom Body:
Custom Duck Tail:
Custom Rear Body:
Body Paint: pearl white body & cyralic
Custom Paint Interior: Chassis them, swing arm, front of the machine & self-teflon
Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing: distribution pattern combinations silver & glitter
Seat: cream
Rear Hugger:

Bore Up: 175
Porting Polished:
Muffler: Standard custom
Air Filter: koso
Cable Plugs:
Carburetor Filter:
CVT Cover:
Cover Belt:

Front Wheel: the ride-it 215-17
Rear Wheel: the ride-it 215-17 & 3.50-17
Front Tromol: DIB to suzuki
Rear Tromol: Vega R
Front Tire: aspira 80/80-17
Rear Tire: aspira vee rubber 80/80-17 & 130/70-17
Front Shockbreaker:
Rear Shockbreaker:
Rear Per:
Brake Master: variations
Disc Plate: variations f1zr
Front SpackBoard:
Rear SpackBoard:

Brake Handle: variations crom
Front Lamp: vasriasi
Rear Lamp: variations matic motor thailand
Hand Grip:
Fuel Indicator:
Rear Bracket:
Steer: custom
Mirror: variations
Front Carrier:
Rear Carrier:
Rubber Set:
Mudguard Chest (18-carat gold layer):
Front Sein:
Rear Sein:
Side Sein:

1973 BMW R75/5

1973 BMW R75/5 - Old Classic Motorcycles

In overview of various fuel tanks available for classic BMW motorcycles: R75/5, R60/5, R50/5.

BMW motorcycle, standard tank, toaster tank, chrome panel, blank tank, R75/5, R60/5, R50/5

1974 Ducati 750 Sport

Every few months, a vintage motorcycle comes along that stops me in my tracks. It’s happened again with this custom 1974 Ducati 750 Sport.

Ducati 750 Sport | Bike EXIF | Classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles and cafe racers

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - August 9-15, 2010

Each year, hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists head toward what many feel is the motorcycling mecca of the world, Sturgis, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota takes place this year August 9-15.

Check out my article on this great motorcycle rally. See if you can see me waving in the picture when I attended the 1993 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I really need to go back to this great rally. How about you?

See Something Different in Sturgis this Year

It's that time of year again - the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!

We'll be there again (NEW location this year!), demonstrating our newest motorcycle accessories -- and you can get great introductory prices on many of these NEW items!

  • eCaddy Motorcycle Clock - A full 2-inch face in either black or white. Luminescent numbers/hands. Water resistant. All this AND unlimited positioning options!
  • Blackberry Motorcycle Mounting Kits - beautiful chrome options and Otterbox too
  • Motorcycle iPhone Mounting Kits - including the new iPhone 4
  • "Fog Dawgs" Rain Guards - now you CAN have it all: warmer legs and feet AND better visibility!
  • Desert Digits Hand Guards - so new we can't tell you about it (you just have to come and see it!)

If you've ever wanted to see how our motorcycle mounting kits work, this is the perfect opportunity. We'll have hands-on demos for:

  • GPS
  • iPod/MP3
  • Phone/iPhone
  • Toll Passes
  • Satellite radio
  • Cameras
  • Beverages (coffee, water, pop, etc)
  • Flags

So come see us at Custom Corners on Lazelle St. between 7th and 8th (kitty-corner from J&P Cycle). We'll be there August 7-14!

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Outrigger

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery. See Outrigger on his 1999 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic w/Frankenstein Trike Conversion. We need more pictures of men and women with their motorcycles. Get your picture in. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

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Honda Vario Street Fighter Modification

Honda Vario Street Fighter ModificationHonda Vario Street Fighter Modification

In addition to being a student, a man whose name is also Fhilips Kristianto modif motor pursue even casually modif motor, but thanks to keisengannya modif Fhilips motor bike did not think the number was called as The Best Black Bike. With the motor diusungnya Vario Mototodify for the event, 19-year-old man is taking the concept of Street Fighter motorcycle.

Concept selection is to suggest a more sophisticated motor and has a sporty impression, when seen from the standard form of this motor Vario has been amended nearly 100 percent,

"The concept of my motorcycle Street Fighter made its name, the reason being I feel the concept's motor Vario usually matic she seems shallow, if I input the street fighter-class seems a little bit forward to the sport. So basically I like motor sport, so I have a plan to make Vario a motor sport, "ujarnya.Sedangkan the percentage changes were made to this Vario Fhilips says," 100 percent change ".

To change the motor is more focused on the motor body and legs, about the engine and framework embedded into it still relies on the original manufacturer of the Vario, "Only the innate Vario wrote the same machine next order only". Taking an idea from one of the automotive media, make changes to Fhilips Vario by removing some of the body and the legs of the original factory built, "If the change of the motor, rear body already using CS 1, the body behind him dicustom, let me put sweet little cover below same order triggers Street Fighternya, the leg-foot radius of my car put acrylic halved, measured and dibubut, so all the legs using acrylic. If most of all custom wheels ".

In order to look sexy, then change the order back Fhilips while to show the impression of street fighter extended handlebar. The man and his motorcycle the first time come to Djarum Black MOTODIFY contestants did not think the bike serial number was called as The Best Black Bike, "Nah aja ya thought suddenly summoned cuman yes I pray it is successful," he said. Fhilips added, "I am feeling very happy, yes, indeed I hope to catch The Best Black". For the final plan later Fhilips will complete the front legs let more robust.

Motorcycles Modification in Pontianak Motodify Contest

Modification+in+Pontianak+Motodify+ContestMotorcycles Modification in Pontianak Motodify Contest

This is the second time the motor modifications contests Djarum Black MOTODIFY visited earth Equator, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The event that took place during the 2-day gala (7-8/11) has ended. The Summit, held on Sunday (8 / 11) evening gala held to create hundreds of young people Pontianak parents even late in the festive event at the venue took Pontianak Trade Center (PCC).

Queue visitors at the entrance was visible long after the evening prayer time this show will Pontianak public interest particularly automotive huge motorcycle. Not a few people who come in groups of one group Mio Owner Club and some that come in pairs. They were curious to see and know who the champion at this year MOTODIFY. Festivity increasingly felt when MC Bie and daughter on stage to greet the visitors.

Backed by a full package of Djarum Black-style entertainment, the opening entertainment by local bands that come adorned modification contest this time, the atmosphere became more animated when DJ Lady in action his house music. And the situation even more heated when the sexy dancer by Dyah Girl get up on stage and started meliak-liukkan body with diiringin DJ played the song Lady and the action body grinder to cover entertainment Pontianak MOTODIFY 2009.

Yamaha Force 1 Racing Modification

Yamaha Force 1 Racing ModificationYamaha Force 1 Racing Modification

Many categories are contested in the contest modifications MOTODIFY Djarum Black, one of which is the category Racing Look. In this category Yamaha Force 1 has been brought home championships in the event that took place in Building Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Sunday (8 / 11).

Starting from his favorite racing motorcycles will then Yamaha Force 1 was made with the typical style of straight track racing, or commonly known by the term drag bike. "The idea originally was fond of racing, the drag created by the force," explained owner Murhadiansyah the modifikator. Youth are usually called Dian does not require a long time in the cultivation of the bike to snatch the title of champion in the class Racing Look. "The work of the paint and chrome finish in four days," said the youth was 22 years.

The resulting color looks quite dynamic, dominated by candy tone orange color all over the frame and chrome on the legs look very eye catchy. Plus more detail in some parts of motorcycle racing is featured impression, minimalist style is characteristic of this straight track racing.

No wonder the jury was ordained as a drag bike champion. Pontianak is the original man the first time the motor modification contest. "At first I joined just a fad, not thought to be a champion," he explained. "I am very proud of this victory because initially only casually just joined the contest," he continued. Not in vain that the cost of seven million dollars spent to overhaul the total Force 1.

As a drag-based motor bike, not much variation or accessories that are attached to the motor. Motor designed specifically for minimizing any speed contest shape. There is no cover body, lights, seats and even the fuel tank removed and replaced with a smaller size. Some parts of the motor was replaced as the standard carburetor carburetor gambot evicted owned Yamaha RX King. Stang was changed to standard handlebar pins plus custom spontaneous gas belongs to the smell Kitaco racing on this bike more and more viscous. On the legs are made as thin as possible. Aluminum alloy which is relatively lighter than the standard of choice and wrapped thin tires. To the suspension of the motor lansiran year 1996 adopted a self-Posh brands. Because this bike is designed just for the contest, there is no change in the engine. "The engines are still the standard, nothing changed," he explained.

Best Extreme Scooter Bike Yamaha Mio

Best Extreme Scooter Bike Yamaha MioBest Extreme Scooter Bike Yamaha Mio

The purpose or the concept of a modification of the vehicle must have a different outcome than the other, so feelings are also experienced by Hendri. Actually the first idea of changing the motor lansiran Mio 2007 was to lead to extreme styles, but ultimately the final decision just on the side of the force approached the drag style.

Bit unique look at the context that is based on the results of his own design of steel pipe material. Gambot legs also adopted to enhance the impression of the Mio fierce. Not only that, the motor home country Japan is forced to adopt the wheel of the Honda Jazz at the rear wheels. Thanks to the increasing application of strong front suspension bersistem up side down waste from the large motor.

Tongkrongan from winning the title of The Best Black Bike, also decorated with various accessories therein. Among the spare part is installed braking device visible overflows result from Kawasaki Ninja RR. Then there are also other cosmetics from Brembo brake handle and the rear shock was also selected YSS lansiran products.

The process of workmanship done in his workshop, Dr. X Motors, where he was also the owner. "As the owner of the shop I wanted to do something different, so the Yamaha Mio later this modification will lead to the concept of harmony with the chopper bike I want," said Hendri.

Sector kitchen implanted into the target also changes made to the motor matic. According to the owner, a fundamental change to occur only in the replacement belt and roller. Goals of increasing energy, although small but decent enough to help the engine to be more responsive.

Suzuki Satria 120 R Jadi Moge

Suzuki Satria 120 R Jadi MogeSuzuki Satria 120 R Jadi Moge

Starting from the business sale and purchase of waste motor gede pioneered moge alias with his brother in Pontianak, the motor modifications resulted faced fierce. Suzuki Satria 120 R's Andi Salim, 25 become more macho views and of course filled with waste items from the motor gede. Original desire to make Satria looking tersbut Racing Look, the main point of concern is located at the stern. However, modifications diusungnya style precisely deliver lansiran Satria won the title in 2002 was the best in the category The Best Duck Modification in the event of Djarum Black MOTODIFY in Pontianak convention Center (7-8/11) ago.

Along with the development that occurred in rend Pontianak make Brenda a change of mind to update the look of two-wheeled milikya. Quite a few changes made, look out alias beautiful body clad in a red color candytone. As for bodinya rely ABS plastic material which is actually a cover of another motor, just needed a little change in the way mengemal perbagian side that will be built. The impression that was built to be more sporty models thanks to the front of the tank actually has a function as a cover of the oil container side.

See the support in the legs are neat devices results "caplokan" from moge. In looking ahead to use apliaksi from suspension up-side-down property CBR 1000 RR, with some supporting supporting accessories such as alloy wheels and disc brake Tiger variations. Associated with the braking device on the front wheel was adopted by Tokico Radial four piston which is a good KALIPER copotan CBR 1000 RR,

whereas the former is selected from the rear RS125 Aprilia. Then there is also a swing arm of the Aprilia RS 125 Diablo.

Not only from the legs of the sector, but Andi also use other accessories on the handlebars sperti comes from Suzuki GSX R750. Spontaneous gas ex Kawasaki ZX-14R also contribute their different colors in these modifications. Tire size 170/70 R 17 front and rear 130/70 R-17 joined to strengthen his character.

Kitchen runway is not a concern to Andi, who is also lower in the four motors together kakakanya event. He just follows the trend in the region berkemabang Pontianak, where the waste moge become a spare part is hunted for this year. So that any machine needs enough composition formulated with a "match" the daily course. Increased oversized torque to 50, and also head was pemaprasan considered for these motors. "Because in addition to the needs of the contest, Satria 120 R is also still used for daily needs," said Andi.

1978 Vespa Classic Scooter Modification

1978 Vespa Classic Scooter Modification1978 Vespa Classic Scooter Modification

Development of the automotive world increasingly wheel adds two-country motorcycle modification lively contest, is proven by the many variants of a modified motorcycle to competed in the event of Djarum Black MOTODIFY. Of the many new types of motor modified different one, the only Vespa lansiran lawas 78 years took part in the contest mat motor modifications MOTODIFY Djarum Black House Pontianak Convention Center (PCC), Pontianak, West Kalimantan (7 / 11) .

Vespa who fell in the category Entertainment On Bike This has changed in some parts but not much change the look of the original. Zul Eko Purwanto is usually called Eko, the owner of Vespa memodif not as extreme as possible so that the smell is very strong originality, which differ only visible vespa body longer because jointed plate with 30cm long. Not only was the fuel tank was removed and a custom made tank with a new holder. This type of motor scooter looks much nicer in blue disekujur body. Scooter that comes from Italy is becoming more fashionable with the installed set of audio and sound system with car batteries dole.

Although classified as a motor lawas, Vespa is still relying on the original part, it looks at the legs and the machine. On the front foot is not going change, forks and braking systems and tromolnya still original. Meanwhile, the rear legs only to adopt the brand suspension Kayaba and other parts are still original. Engine block and piston still wearing the standard Vespa, the exhaust gas channel was still maintaining its authenticity. For ignition, siempunya just replaced with a magnetic CDI excel.

His name is incomplete motor contest it does not use a variation of accessories. Part of the victim is a variation that uses a foothold Suzuki Satria foot step. Stang also changed by using a custom handlebar and gas using gas cartridges brand spontaneous Daytona, headlights custom Congo adopted. What is unique is the scooter that uses boncenger bench acrylic materials that are decorated skull underneath.

2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification

2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification
2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification2004 Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification

Of the many classes that are contested in a motorcycle contest, show, MOTODIFY Djarum Black, held in the building Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) is one class Sport Modif. Who said motor output class Yamaha RX King motorcycle can not be stylish. Proof RX Red King's new urban population is competing with other contestants in the same class at the PCC (7 / 11).

Motor lansiran year 2004 is already owned by the owner for one year terahir. "I've had this bike for a year," Arfan says. Because of his love for the automotive sector in particular motorcycle, he was the original Pontianak memodif bike to be included as well as enliven Djarum Black MOTODIFY in Pontianak. "At first I wanted to change my bike look a little, but because many ideas from my friends so I gave entirely on mechanics," continued the man who worked as private employees.

In pengerjaanya, motor bike, known as "jambret" This failure began with chrome process whose outcome is not in accordance with her wishes. "At that time my motorcycle chrome, I spend fees for the cost of chrome and processing fee of three million but failed, because it seems krommya (occur-red) is why now we play only paint," explained the man who headed this pelontos.

Motor is completely done by having the workshop Gondes modif named Tepos Polishing based in glorious full moon. In Gondes hand, "the jambret" was changed to more sangar road style but looks more Resik with chrome in some parts of the motor. First of all motor candytone polished red paint and varnish given. In addition there are some changes in some parts as in the light of the lamp is replaced by a custom mask. Adopting a gas cartridge Magura products strengthens the impression more and more sporty.

Part of the legs also experience the shock front rombakan using upside down and the front brake to adopt Tromol ninja ninja with a double disc, but still use the innate KALIPER and brake factory. While on the rear suspension uses brand YSS and swing arm with a product standard evicted to make it look super solid tracks. Not only that, the rear brakes were experiencing a revolution using the disc with Ninja and KALIPER Tromol plant innate.

Some variations also landed on this contest including motorcycle handlebar handlebar adopting Suzuki RG 150, air filter koso property and use the product headlights Supra 125. This motor also apply the latest breakthrough by using the radiator's Yamaha Jupiter MX. "The radiator is functioning, not just a variation," Arfan says. For the kitchen runway Arfan ensure that the bike in standard conditions. "For still the standard engine," he said. Just look custom racing exhaust that adds sporty impression. Not much is expected Arfan this modification in the contest, participants have themselves quite happy to still more to be champion in the category that followed. "Yes, my bike still wanted to be champions," he concluded. [sp / timABT]



The custom of this motor aeon accompany me to 1960, I anticipate the appearance is aggregate amid old era and chooper. the catchbasin appearance is chooper, while the tyre, velg and lamp appear from old era. The CB seems to be the best accepted Honda motorcycles adapted into choppers. Additionally there is a lot of action with the best archetypal of 1985, Honda 250 as able-bodied as the added contempo Honda Rebel. Honda has been assertive the motorcycle bazaar for a ample aeon of time and chopper motorcycle lovers beyond the apple acquisition the name abating in agreement of affection and performance. Honda additionally makes choppers...OK a cruiser for your hardcore chopper lovers. And if you appetite to get absolute abstruse this bike is a Cruiser/Custom. The anatomy of these varieties is advised to acquiesce for a lot of quick improvisation. Honda choppers can attending appealing cool. And Honda chopper frames are congenital to survive acute rides.

Yamaha Fino Off Road Modification

Yamaha Fino Off Road Modification Picture

This is the yamaha fino modification from thailand. Fino is favorite scooter in thailand as well as yamaha mio. The style modification of this scooter is like motorcycles off road. I put this YAMAHA FINO OFF ROAD Modification from Thanks For the great picture.

2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition

2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition
2010 Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition Picture

Ducati North America is appreciative to advertise the 848 Nicky Hayden Edition. This arresting accouter places a audibly American brand on the market’s best middleweight action bike. The 848 Nicky Hayden was publically apparent at the 2009 Red Bull United States Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, area Nicky’s MotoGP chase bike was presented in a analogous scheme. There could be no bigger time or abode to bless the American World Champion than at his home chase on the 4th of July.

This US-exclusive archetypal appearance an American aggressive acrylic scheme, appropriately fit for its addition on the 4th of July, alone autographed gas tank, and archetypal updates for the 2010 year. Check out the video of the Nicky’s photo shoot with the bike below!

The new Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition enjoys all the achievement advancements of the absolute Superbike family, while abacus its own innovations to redefine the middleweight action bike class.

The words ‘agile’ and ‘refined’ appropriately call the 848. At 168kg (369lbs), the 848 is an amazing 20kg (44lbs) lighter than its predecessor.

2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Wallpaper

2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Wallpaper
2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Picture
2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 Photo
2010 Ducati Hypermotard 796 HD Wallpaper

New Yamaha Byson 2010

New Yamaha Byson 2010
New Yamaha Byson 2010

New Yamaha Byson 2010
Foto Gambar New Yamaha Byson 2010

PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia or YMKI plans to unveil new sports product, Byson, in April 2010. This is because the earlier resignation had planned to release YMKI these products later this year.

"Just wait for four months from now," said the source from YMKI in Banyuwangi, Wednesday (2 / 12).

We have Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (YMMI) has won a number type list numbers of motor vehicles produced in the Ministry of Industry 1195/IATT/TPT/11/2009 (Depperin) last November.

Manufacturers have proposed the amount of production to 80,000 units next year. Manufacturer bearing motor tuning fork will still carry the name for its newest product Byson. With the presence Byson, Yamaha fighting force in the national motorcycle market more robust, especially in the sports segment.

In India, this model is named after FZ and consists of several variants. This motor is more precisely a sports touring categories and engineered with the DNA Frazer.

Byson carrying 153 cc engines or larger than the V-Ixion, 149.8 cc. Of technology, the fuel supply system, V-Ixion more sophisticated, injection. While still relying Byson carburetor. Hence, the price is cheaper than expected V-Ixion.

FZ identity, or later transformed into Byson, using Monoshock suspension technology (Yamaha call monocross) with the special characteristics Muffler MidShip large. According to Yamaha, this design provides weight concentration of a better and efficient exhaust gas. Stable control for use in 140/60-17 rear tire.

Specifications Yamaha FZ (Byson)


4 steps, SOHC, 2-valve, air conditioning

153 cc
Diameter x step

58.0 x 57.9 mm
Comparison of compression

9.5: 1
Power max.

14 PS@7.500 rpm
Torque max.

14 Nm@6.000 rpm
Type carburetors

The ratio of primary teeth and secondary

3.409 / 2.857
The size of the front and rear tires

100/80-17 & 140/60R17
Fuel tank capacity

12 liters
Dimensions: L x W x H (mm)

770 x 1975 x 1045
High saddle

Axle distance

Total weight

137 kg

Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture

Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture
Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture

Yamaha T-MAX is the scooter with 2 cylinder, accommodation of 499cc, DOHC, aqueous cooled, ability was able to barf 43.5HP at 7500 RPM. Torsion that is big abundant 45 Nm at 6500 RPM! Brakes advanced and rear disc anchor ... already! Moreover, there is additionally a adaptation that is affirmed ABS anchor and the abeyant weaknesses that tend scooter agent anchor can do! Tank accommodation of 15 liters .. Motor has a weight of 221 kg for the non-ABS and 225 kg for the ABS!

Yamaha T-Max scooter comes with an affected architecture with a adventurous aspect that has aerial achievement of a ample achievement this Yamaha big scooter.

Two ample headlamp on the advanced up with the architecture and arresting lamps that bout with the headlamp, and accomplish the advanced of the T-Max has a bland corner. Well admired and ablaze generated by the headlamp and arresting lights accept to accommodated the aegis element.

In addition, the affected console in the speedometer, adequate and be apparent that T-Max is actual adequate back ride, is to architecture seat such as the sofa.

In accession to the architecture and convenience, in my T-Max will be the agreement with the abutment good adjustment CF Die-casting aluminum anatomy Diamond, so that the administration of abutment adherence this yamaha big scooter.

Kraknaji 250 Supermoto Modification

Kraknaji 250 Supermoto ModificationKraknaji 250 Supermoto Modification

There's just heard his name Kraknaji 250 motor. Supermoto's kind that can be extended in two fields, asphalt and soil. Even able to fly, though not as high as motocross. Want to know the origin of this motor?

What is clear, not artificial plant, but the home modifications Hawex Custom Factory (HCF) of the Village Ciilat, Sukadaga, Ciamis, West Java. Builder him, Uus Husnaeni, known for its handmade detail in each design component. Included in this Kraknaji 250 Supermotorad has earned not buy components so.

Hence, some components used in the 1997 Honda Tiger base made modify by Uus. Like a skeleton with a minimalist concept. Uus said, like the European supermotorad.

Most interesting, note the swing arm. "Shape banana or banana model," stated Uus. Such a model chosen because of various considerations. In addition to a shorter wheelbase, this form comes to minimizing, if charging off-road terrain. The arm swing is made with CNC machines from composite materials of aluminum and steel.

Meanwhile in another part, the builder designed it perfectly. For example, artificial slim tank, but fit accommodates 7 liters. Trus, chassis strengthening in the center and backbone nets model tubular contrived.

"This motor is very ridiable. Weighs 98 kg with a 142 cm wheelbase and seat height of 52 cm," said the owner. Ground clearance constrained by 35 cm in height in order not concerned.

If there is going to change, let alone done myself, Uus sell components separately. The entire package, starting from the chassis, swing arm, seat and tank dibanderol USD 7.5 million.

Honda Supra Extreme Customized

Foto Honda Supra Extreme CustomizedFoto Honda Supra Extreme Customized

Blitar secretly thrilling performances can modify the motor in the country. 2006 Honda Supra with a wild idea of media, the work of the twins Ardi and Arno Birmansyah show Suranca many innovations. Looks stout with the concept of a naked duck.

"This is a pure creation of the TPF (Fiber Twin Planet) and we do not want to change a motor sport. That is the challenge," said Arno. Usually, the theme is identical to the naked sport bike.

To fulfill his obsession, the order does not have a cut and changed. Including the position of the tank under the seat, that part will be retained.

Radical changes appear in the swing arm. New designs with the trellis model as is often done in DELTABOX motor sport. This is one feature of naked wing motor sport. Because of the vital functions, large iron pipe 2 inches in diameter attached there.

Because the swing arms bare, it is more appropriate if a single rear suspension (Monoshock) using a Suzuki Satria 120R. Continues, the full body custom, according to Arno, self-designed single-seater model.

In order to impress the motor racing, then the stern pointed contrived. The center made a kind of additional chassis style DELTABOX using glass fiber material.

Note the two large wheels. This is precisely homemade and Arno ensure that conditions are strong. Front suspension models also upside down own handiwork. Interestingly again, a double exhaust tip is a variation of the car.

Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

The most striking change was the application of the light house Yamaha X1-R from Thailand. So much like the Transformers robot, the front of the house following with given a touch of custom lamps. Especially in the shell of the lamp, right and left wing to cover protects the bottom half of the engine looks. In addition, there is in the form of seats, covers plus side to the stern of deliberately contrived sepatbor different.

According to the Court, put the cover body X1-R in Smash quite complicated. You see, there are several components that must be cut, plus, and moved. In addition, he had to reset the handle cover mounting bolts, from front to rear.

So, shockbreker double standard models modified to Monoshock. This makes replacement of the standard swing arm turned into handmade products from the aftermarket. Great was not haphazardly done that part, as well as other sections, because the goods are used and given a little expensive custom touch.

Special exhaust, this Court guarantee a good part because her voice a little more good and able to increase power. Apart from good to hear, according to Agung, exhaust was fitted to these changes. He predicts, the concept of combined racing look would be noticeable color trends.

Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify

Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify
Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify
Yamaha V-ixion With CBR 1000 and BMW 1000 Unification Modify

Banjar home builder's flat to try to share a strong characteristic features of the BMW 1000 RR and Honda CBR 1000 RR.

Like the double seat design (double-sitter) who is very strong with model CBR 1000 RR. While the gas tank, swing arm, Hornet, and the front motorcycle speedboard, clear taste BMW. Only, factors related to difficulties experienced by Jeni tank design because the original owners do not want to change.

Jeni's not if you can not handle it. Way, the design of the tank made of condoms in order, in addition to the original tank is retained, also facilitate standardization and maintenance. However, the process is fairly difficult recognized because they have to be divided into four sections (top left and right side). Then cradle made in the bottom of the tank.

Then the bottom left and right side together with the battery cover. "The most important thing before the installation of condom tank is coated with the original tank insulation on all parts of the meeting," he says.

When forming fiber, Kang Ade using clay as a medium of design. Step this way many designers do the motor of Europe. The advantage, according to Ade, in addition to the work easier because the texture of clay is very elastic and easily shaped like anything. The result was optimal.

ATV-Based Mini Lamborghini Murcielago For Sweet Girl's

If your aboriginal admitting aloft seeing this comic-esque babyish Lamborghini Murcileago Gallardo was that it was somehow accompanying to the acclaimed Japanese animation alternation "Speed Racer", again you're appealing abundant appropriate and you should accord yourself a pat on the back. See, the quad-bike-based Lamborghini replica was crafted in account of "Mach Girl", a TV alternation aftereffect based on the aboriginal Speed Racer anime that was appear in Japan a brace of years ago. High-res pictures afterwards the jump.

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Photos by Phil Alex with the help of friends Mike and Aaron

ATV-Based Mini Lamborghini Murcielago For Sweet Girl's ATV-Based Mini Lamborghini Murcielago For Sweet Girl's

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250cc

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250ccGambar Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250cc

Owner: Asep Syaifullah (Boey)
Body work: Boey Racing Team (Jl.Raya Gandul No.27)
Phone: 081210073347-02195803985


- Color Granada ¿½ ï ¿½ + Greenï Pernis by (Spies Hecker)
- Full Cutting Moto GP sticker kawasaki ninja monster
- Rear Hugger (Custom fiber)
- Seat ¿½ ï ¿½ Black colori (OEM)

- Muffler / Exhaust (OEM)
- Air Filter (OEM)
- Plugs (NGK Irridium)
- Cable Plugs (OEM)

Legs (legs)
- Arm Custom paint
- Front Whell (OEM 17ï ¿½ x 2.75) Black color
- Rear Whell (OEM ½ x 17ï ¿3:50) Black color
- Front Tromol (OEM)
- Rear Tromol (OEM)
- Front Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 110/70/17
- Rear Tire (Bridgestone Batlax) 130/70/17
- Front Shockbreaker (OEM)
- Rear Shockbreaker (OEM)
- Per Rear (OEM)
- Brake Master (Brembo)
- Front Disc Plate (Brembo)
- Rear Disc Plate (OEM)

- Spion (OEM)
- Handle Brake (OEM)
- Takometer speedometer (OEM)
- Front Lamp (OEM)
- Rear Lamp (OEM)
- Xenon HID lamps ¿½ ï ¿½ Front

Supra X 125 Drag Style Modify

Supra X 125 Drag Style ModifySupra X 125 Drag Style Modify

Supra X 125 Drag Style Modify Detailed specifications:

Custom Body: Custom Duck Tail: Custom Rear Body: Body Paint: Custom Paint Interior: Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing: Seat: Rear Hugger: Bore Up: Porting Polished: CVT: Muffler: AHRS Factory 4 Air Filter: Coil: Kitaco Plugs: NGK Platinum Cable Plugs: Kitaco Camshaft: Kawahara Carburator: Carburator Filter: Spuyer: CDI: BRT I-Max Piston: Sonic Roller: CVT Cover: Cover Belt: Front Wheel: Comet 1.20x17 Rear Wheel: TDR 1.40x17 Front Tromol: Rear Tromol: Front Tire: 50/90-17 FDR Drax Rear Tire: 60/90-17 grip eagle Comet Front Shockbreaker: Rear Shockbreaker: Yoko Rear Per: Brake Master: Disc Plate: Front SpackBoard: Rear SpackBoard: Brake Handle: Yoshimura Front Lamp: Rear Lamp: Lamp: Hand Grip: Fuel Indicator: Rear Bracket: Deck: Steer: Mirror: Front Carrier: Rear Carrier: Speedometer: Rubber Set: Horn: Mudflap: Flyscreen: Mudguard Chest (18-carat gold layer): Tachometer: koso Front Sein: Rear Sein: Side Sein:

Honda PCX Scooter 2010 Picture

Honda PCX Scooter 2010
Honda PCX Scooter 2010 Picture

2010 Honda PCX scooter is able with high-tech 4-stroke 125-qm agent with aqueous cooling - a absolutely new architecture company. Especially engineers are appreciative of the minimum ammunition burning - 2 l. 100 km. This was accomplished mainly through the arrangement automatically stops the agent during abandoned time.

Thanks to cyberbanking ammunition bang arrangement PGM-FI, Honda PCX will accumulate the best accurate to date ecology standards of Europe and the USA. The amount of a scooter is not reported, but it should be absolutely affordable - to abate assembly costs, the assembly of the scooter will be acclimated for accepted Honda technology and components.

The actualization of markets in Japan, the United States and Europe scooter Honda PCX accepted already in 2010.

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The Motorcycles Pictures above are made by Yamaha motorcycle manufacturer, ranging from scooter yamaha mio, nouvo, yamaha vstar, jupiter mx.