Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Green Monster- Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R

Green Monster- Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R, Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R, kawasaki, motorcycle

Green Monster- Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R
Three adjectives describe the Ninja ZX9R: big, powerful and very fast.

This sportbike from kawasaki motorcycle is nicely equipped, offers great handling capabilities, its adjustable suspension system adapts to a number of riding situations and it's also comfortable for long rides.

1975 Honda CB750F

1975 Honda CB750F, classic motorcycle, honda

1975 Honda CB750F
The F model had a lot of changes but is at heart the same motorcycle as the cb750k. The motor had larger valves to produce a bit more power, the rear brake was a disk, some models did not have chrome headlight ears, the tank and seat were sportier.

Suzuki DR 125

Suzuki DR 125, supermoto, Suzuki, motorcycle

Suzuki DR 125
Small (124cc) supermoto style model from Suzuki.

A few tech specs:

- One cylinder, four stroke engine
- Fuel injection
- Electric starter
- Five gears
- 17'' tires
- Disc brakes (single disc front and rear)
- Dry weight: 267 pounds (121kg)

For beginners and/or people looking for a lightweight bike to run errands around town, this seems like a good option.
Photo taken by www.worldwidemotorcycles.com

Motorcycle Video Contest Open for Submissions

We are really excited about our "Follow The Leader" motorcycle video contest! If you've used a video camera to record the view from your Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki, we want to see your best, your weirdest, your funniest and your most unique videos!

We'll post our favorites on our YouTube channel, where thousands of viewers can watch your video.

AND, you could WIN a new camcorder and top-of-the-line DeluxeCAM motorcycle camera mounting gear!

This is your chance to share your best (or most bizarre, most isolated, most treacherous, most crowded, or twistiest) road shots! Click here for contest rules and entry instructions. Contest ends June 1!

Modular Motorcycles - New Obama Energy Plan

A joint statement released today by Steven Chu, Energy Secretary, and Ray LaHood, Transportation Secretary, unveiled a bold new plan to make future motorcycles out of modular components and to also enlist new renewable energy sources for their propulsion. This plan has become the latest stimulus package from the Obama administration. This time it directly affects all motorcycle riders. Read more.

Moorhead, MN, and North Dakota floods 2009 slideshow

Click on the title below to watch the YouTube slideshow.

"If it keeps on raining,snowing the levee's going to break."

Sete Gibernau Spanish MotoGP Riders

Manuel Sete Gibernau Bultó (born December 15, 1972 in Barcelona)
Sete Gibernau Spanish MotoGP RidersSete Gibernau Spanish MotoGP Riders

Sete Gibernau Standing MotorcycleSete Gibernau Standing Motorcycle

Sete Gibernau ImageSete Gibernau Image

Repsol Honda Team Official Factory Team

Repsol Honda Team Official Factory TeamRepsol Honda Team Official Factory Team

Repsol Honda Motor SportsRepsol Honda Motor Sport

Repsol Honda PhotoRepsol Honda Photo

Giacomo Agostini Legend Riders MotoGP

Giacomo Agostini (born 16 June 1942 in Brescia, Lombardy)
Giacomo Agostini Legend Riders MotoGPGiacomo Agostini Legend Riders MotoGP

Giacomo Agostini Best World ChampionsGiacomo Agostini Best World Champions

Giacomo Agostini PhotoGiacomo Agostini Photo

Yuki Takahashi Japanese Grand Prix Racer

Yuki Takahashi (高橋 裕紀 , born July 12, 1984 in Saitama, Japan)
Yuki Takahashi Japanese Grand Prix RacerYuki Takahashi Japanese Grand Prix Racer

Yuki Takahashi in ActionYuki Takahashi in Action

Yuki Takahashi Falls and AccidentYuki Takahashi Falls and Accident

Monday, March 30, 2009

Motocycle@Bangkok Motor Show 2009

Motocycle in Bangkok Motor Show 2009


Honda VFR V4 VTEC, Honda, motorcycle

Not as popular its sister the CBR, the Honda VFR is an excellent bike. It is equipped with a V-4 engine that performs really well and all the widely known features that make of Honda motorcycles some of the best bikes in the market. Due to its more upright riding position - when you compare it to other sportbikes - it can also be used as a sport touring bike.

Suzuki Bandit in Blue

Suzuki Bandit in Blue, Suzuki, motorcycle

Suzuki Bandit in Blue
The Suzuki Bandit is an standard bike with sportbike performance. A good alternative for the city and short to middle distance road trips.

This model from www.japanese-motorcycles-only.com has been in production for many years and is very popular particularly in Europe.

Honda CBX Super-Sport

Honda CBX Super-Sport, classic motorcycle, honda

Honda CBX Super-Sport
This bike appeared in 1979 but the inline 6 cylinder engine concept was inherited from a Honda racing motorcycle of the mid 60´s, the RC166

Münch-4 1100 TT Mammut

Münch-4 1100 TT Mammut, classic motorcycle, mammut

Münch-4 1100 TT Mammut
Here are some tech details about this German bike built during the late 1960s:

- Inline four 1100 cc engine
- 85 hp
- 4 gears
- Electric starter
- Weight 250 kg
- Max Speed 210 km/h


BMW R1200GS, bmw, motorcycle, sportbike, luxury motorcycle

The BMW R1200GS inherits more than 25 years of development (the first one of this series was the 1980 R80 G/S), road testing (no need to expand on BMW motorcycles well known performance on the road) and off road abuse (the famous Paris-Dakar rally was won four times by riders mounted on BMW GS motorcycles) .

Dani Pedrosa Youngest Riders MotoGP

Daniel "Dani" Pedrosa (born September 29, 1985 in Sabadell, Spain)
Dani Pedrosa Youngest Riders MotoGPDani Pedrosa Youngest Riders MotoGP

Dani Pedrosa Celebrate WinningDani Pedrosa Celebrate Winning

Dani Pedrosa Fall in Accident

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nicky Hayden Popular MotoGP Riders

Nicholas "Nicky" Patrick Hayden (born July 30, 1981 in Owensboro, Kentucky)
Nicky Hayden Popular MotoGP RidersNicky Hayden Popular MotoGP Riders

Nicky Hayden World Champions in 2006Nicky Hayden World Champions in 2006

Nicky Hayden in ActionNicky Hayden in Action

Casey Stoner Top Riders from Australian

Casey Stoner (born 16 October 1985) is an Australian motorcycle racer.
Casey Stoner Top Riders from AustralianCasey Stoner Top Riders from Australian

Casey Stoner Best 2007 World ChampionsCasey Stoner Best 2007 World Champions

Casey Stoner Celebrate WinningCasey Stoner Celebrate Winning

Michael Doohan Legend in MotoGP

Michael "Mick" Sydney Doohan AM born 4 June 1965 (1965-06-04) (age 43) in Brisbane, Australia,
Michael Doohan Legend in MotoGPMichael Doohan Legend in MotoGP

Michael Doohan Top Five World ChampionMichael Doohan Top Five World Champion

Michael Doohan in Honda NSR500Michael Doohan in Honda NSR500

KTM 950 Supermoto

KTM 950 Supermoto - Back,motorcycle, sport motorcycle, classic motorcycle, motorcycle accesorys
KTM 950 Supermoto - Back, upload feito originalmente por WorldWideMotorcycles.

KTM 950 Supermoto

The KTM 950SM combines the feel of an off-road motorcycle with the performance of a sportbike.

This radical style, 942cc 75-degree V-Twin engine, comfortable, and nice handling supermoto guarantees a fun ride on pavement and backroads.

1986 Honda CR250R Motocross Bike

1986 Honda CR250R Motocross Bike,motorcycle, sport motorcycle, classic motorcycle, motorcycle accesorys
1986 Honda CR250R Motocross Bike, upload feito originalmente por evanfell.

1986 Honda CR250R Motocross Bike
This is 1986 Honda CR250 that brought back from the old time. Still a very relevant motocross bike for an amateur rider.