Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pulsar Mania- Awesome Advertisement video of Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle

Really cool advertisement you gotta see this motorcycle stunt mania.

These guys have some serious skills, and the choreography is incredible.

click on the link below to watch the video.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Suzuki ShoGun 125 Modifies

ที่เห็นนี้คือรูปรถรุ่นใหม่ของ Suzuki ในรุ่น Shogun 125 cc ที่ตกแต่งในแบบ Big Bike ด้วยขนาดของกระทะล้อที่โตเป็นพิเศษและระบบช่วงล่างที่ปรับแต่งใหม่ซะสวยเลิศอลังการครับ

Motorcycle Puzzle has whole family puzzled.

When My family and I went to Glacier National Park for a family vacation, I was really bummed out that I did not have my motorcycle with me, as it would have been a beautifull ride. That is another post all together.

We did get a souvineer called scramble squares. It consists of 9 square cardboard puzzle pieces that make a perfect square when assembled together. All 9 pieces are the exact same square shape, just the picture is different. The object is to line up all nine pieces so the pictures all match up. It comes with no photo of it completed, so it is truly mind boggling.

I know it can be done, because we saw it put together at the gift shop. That was the only time it has been together. We've all tried but to no avail.

Of course the puzzle I bought was of motorcycles.

I took a picture below.

It is not together properly in my photo of course.

Everytime we think we got it together, we realize we are off a piece or two.



Anyone interested, should click on the picture to expand it to full size, copy and paste it, and print it out, and cut out the pieces to make your own puzzle. Then try to solve the puzzle. Be prepared to waste some serious time trying, as the hardest most frustrating part is you have no idea where the correct starting pieces are, etc.

If any one does solve the puzzle, PLEASE take a picture, and e-mail it to me. I want proof, and I'll post it on my site. Also I want it for myself so I can cheat and put my own puzzle together.

Good luck!

Mr. Motorcycle

Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Smells ... Ooh Yeah

As much as I like motorcycles, and the motorcycle lifestyle, I like motorcycle shops.

Why you ask?

Because there is only one kind of person you will ever likely run into at a motorcycle shop of any kind.......another biker, or person with similar interests, or obsessions if you will.

It's like hanging out at a bar. My wife actually refers to a local bike shop I hang out at as "The Bar".

I think She is O.K. with me going there 'Cause it keeps me out of the real bars "for the most part".

I labeled this post free smells, because it reminds me of a hoagie restaraunt nearby called Jimmy John's . This is where they advertise that they deliver subs so fast you'll freak.

Anyway, they have a sign on the front door that says "Free smells".

I chuckle inside a bit when I see the sign, because I'm always tempted to walk in some day through the front door and take a REALLY big sniff. When they ask me if they can help me, I want to say, no thanks, I just came in for a free smell.

(LOL). I crack myself up sometimes. Just ask my wife an kids. They find it funny that I make myself laugh.

This brings me back to the bike shop. I many times have no reason to go there except for my free smells. In other words, not to purchase anything, but just to talk smart, and hang around with the guys in the shop, drink a beer or two and shoot the sh*t if you know what I mean.

Where do you get your free smells?

Mr. Motorcycle

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Suzuki ShoGun 125 cc

กว้าง x ยาว x สูง : 715 x 1,900 x 1,070 มม.
น้ำหนัก : 106 กก.
เครื่องยนต์ : 4 จังหวะ, Single Overhead Camshaft
ระบบระบายความร้อน : ระบายความร้อนด้วยอากาศ
ความกว้างกระบอกสูบ x ช่วงชัก : 53.5 x 55.2 มม.
ปริมาตรกระบอกสูบ : 124 cc
อัตราส่วนแรงอัด : 9.6 : 1
ระบบหล่อลื่น : SALCS (Suzuki Advanced Lubrication & Cooling System)
คลัตช์ : SAPECS (Suzuki Advanced Power Engagement Clutch System)
ระบบเกียร์ : เกียร์วน 4 ระดับ (Rotary Gear)
ความจุถังน้ำมันเชื้อเพลิง : 4.3 ลิตร

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yamaha Recalls CP250 and YP400 for Fuel Pump Problem

Yamaha has issued a recall of certain 2006-2007 CP250 and 2005-2007 YP400 motorcycles.

The engine could stall and be difficult to restart because the wire terminals in the fuel pump wire coupler have corroded. Water can enter from the main wire harness end and run through the harness to the fuel pump coupler. If the water remains in the coupler for an extended period of time, the terminals can become corroded, which can prevent the fuel pump from operating properly.

9600 units are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Shawn on his Spyder 300

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Web site. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery.

See Shawn on his Johnny Pag Spyder 300.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

She snows, and she blows

Not that this is great post material, 'Cause weve all read about it so many times before, but it cannot go without mention.

It is April 26th, 5:39 A.M Central time zone, and it is now blowing I would guess up to 40 M.P.H. wind gusts (Maybe more), and it is snowing.

I know this is Minnesota, but this is not typical to have snow this time of year. I know it won't last, and I'll be riding again soon, but it still frustrates me because I've only had my motorcycle out a handfull of times. Many other years, I'd have had it out plenty by now.

Guess I'll work today instead of ride.

Have a good weekend, and hopefully some of you will get out and enjoy some decent weather.

Maybe I'll live vicariously through you.

Mr. Motorcycle

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Motorcycle three wheel Drift!!

Motorcycle Thai drift!!....

Motorcycle FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycles

I have just released a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Motorcycle Views Web site.

The questions and answers in the motorcycle FAQ cover a wide variety of information about motorcycling.

My approach is to consider the various phases that a motorcyclist goes through in his/her search for motorcycle information.

In the beginning, a prospective motorcyclist may just have basic questions. As they get deeper into the subject and actually realize that they want to learn to ride, their questions change.

As a person becomes a rider, they then want to buy a motorcycle and all the stuff that goes with it. The questions continue changing as the rider becomes more experienced.

I attempt to treat most of these major questions normally asked throughout the complete life of a motorcyclist -- a big undertaking.

Check out my Motorcycle FAQ for the complete set of questions and answers.

Exactly when did I fall in love with motorcycles?

I must first say that I have been planning this post for quite some time, but fellow motorcycle blogger, FLHX Dave from beat me to it. I’m sure he is not the first to post this story in his own version, and I certainly hope he and I will not be the last. It makes such good reading.
The link to his post is something you should make sure to read as well. It is heartfelt, and funny.

I’m not sure, but I know before the day I was certain, there were a lot of influences. Some were subliminal, some were not.

My very first brand new bicycle had baby ape hangers. This was just the style back in the early 70’s. In the photo, you can see, I’m the littlest one up front. My sister hiding directly behind me had ape hangers on her new bike as well, and my big brother, well, he wanted a five speed, so he got the beach cruisers. Notice my big brother's Vikings belt buckle! Too funny.

My second bicycle was a Huffy Thunder Road. This was like a motorcycle as far as I was concerned. Couldn’t imagine how many times I put playing cards in the spokes to get the potato potato potato V-twin motorcycle sound out of it. I used to pretend it was a motocross motorcycle too. (No that is not me on the Huffy.)

I remember getting a ride on my older cousin Gary’s Harley like it was yesterday. I’m not sure if he went super fast, or if it was my imagination taking hold because it was my first real motorcycle ride ever. It sure felt fast. I was in love with it and the adrenaline rush it gave me.

I remember getting a ride on the back of one of my older brother’s friend’s crotch rockets. This is when they seemed to be pretty new on the market for street legal bikes, and I know he went way too fast for having his friend's kid brother on the back with no helmet. I also know I egged him on to "go Faster - Faster!". He said we were doing about 100 MPH. THAT was cool. I was again in love with motorcycles and the adrenaline rush.

I never had a motorcycle as a kid. My folks wouldn’t have it. Too dangerous, and too much money. I had a few friends with three wheelers, mini bikes, dirt bikes, and such. I got to ride their stuff plenty. This scratched my itch, until I was a little older.

When I was 15 years old, my folks let me buy a moped with money I’d saved from lawn mowing jobs around the neighborhood. I believe, but can’t say for certain that this was when the true obsession started.

I got my driver’s license at 16 years old, and drove a car. Moped too slow, too dorky, not 18, & my folks wouldn’t let me have a motorcycle. (YET).

My mom and dad said you can’t have a motorcycle unless you are 18. I believe there was implication that I did not live with them as well, but shortly after I turned 18, ( I was 19). I bought a brand new shiny Honda Rebel 250. Burnsville Motor Sports was going out of business. The owner’s wife was selling it. It was hers. She had about 200 miles on it. Mostly from learning how to ride. She was afraid of riding so she wanted to give it up. They said I could take it home for $850.00. I paid cash that day. I had never ridden a real motorcycle on the road or anything yet, and did not really know how to ride, let alone shift. I had my buddy Johnny drive it home for me. I followed in my car. When we pulled up the driveway to my house together, my mother had just come home from work. Se said ”Hey Johnny , nice motorcycle, did you just get it? It looks brand new!” Johnny said, ”nope, it’s Mark’s. He can’t ride it yet, until I show him how.” I think my mother almost fainted when she realized he wasn’t kidding. This was similar to the reaction she had with my first tattoo. She wanted me to wash it off. (The tattoo was exactly three days after my 18th birthday.)

Anyway, back to the motorcycles. More bikes later, more stories to tell, here I am today.
I am a true obsessed motorcycle enthusiast nut. I LOVE EM!

You other motorcycle bloggers out there should share your story. Do your own post on this topic, or please feel free to write it in my comments section.
I’d love to hear your story.

Mr. Motorcycle

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yamaha Fino-S

Yamaha Fino-S, it is a 115 cc 4 stroke SOHC, 2 Valve, Air Cooled engine. And officially the engine is a 113.5cc engine

Ever wonder what happened to Vinnie after he left Orange County Choppers?

Ever wonder what happened to Vinnie after he left OCC?
And where in the Hell is Cody?
Vinnie Dimartino and Cody Connelly have started Vforce Customs.

It’s about time!
I knew it would happen eventually. Glad to see it materialize. I wish them both the best of luck in their new venture.

The posted photo here was borrowed from their site.

Check out their website.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beautiful 1974 Kawasaki 900

I was just at a client’s house.
We got to talking about cars and motorcycles. He showed me his 1974 Kawasaki 900 with only 19000+ miles.

The client of mine was the original owner.

The bike was pretty. It was in beautiful condition. It was all stock except the pipes which were replaced as the originals had rusted.

It’s was really nice to see a 99% original, well kept bike.

Got air? Tech. tip #2

Tech. tip #2.

I don't want all of my tech tips to be of the paint side of the motorcycle industry, so I thought I'd ask some advise of a motorcycle mechanic / bike builder. Scott Storms of Stormy Custom Bike Works in Blaine, MN. I reference to him as he is a friend of mine and local from where I come from, and I think one Hell of a Mechanic.

Scott, AKA Stormy, said he'd keep me in mind as he is wrenching, as ideas come up, he'll try to write them down.

He said the first thing to note that he sees far to frequently, is that 98 % of the bikes that come into the shop have underinflated tires. He said even my tires were low on air when I brought the bike in. He states that the average optimum P.S.I. for rule of thumb, should be at about 40 P.S.I. for motorcycle tires. Scott states that you should have a tire pressure guage with you when you ride for any long distances. Every so often, when you fill up with gas, check your tires. It only takes a second.

I'll keep this in mind, as I know, I'm guilty of sometimes just getting on and riding without checking my bike over properly, which scares the crap out of me after the Big Bear Chopper recall for frame welds failing.

The whole thing about low air pressure in motorcycle tires was just recently re-inforced by a blog post that Crusty the Biker did that mentioned low tire pressure. I can't remember exactly what post, but I remember reading it and thinking that it was an important point to make as he owns a bike shop and he stated the same thing I had just heard from another bike shop the previous day.

So my Tech. tip is simple.

Make sure you check your tire pressure before you ride. I'ts your bike, and it's your life and safety we're talking about here.

Mr. Motorcycle

Monday, April 21, 2008

Condor Lifts, chocks, and stops at the 2008 Donnie Smith Bike Show

I've been meaning to post about this for a while but can never find time to squeeze all of the post ideas in.

When I was a t the 2008 Donnie Smith Invitational Bike Show recently, I ran into these guys from Condor. I was thoroughly impressed with their line of products that they were demonstrating.

They have fair prices, and really cool lifts, chocks, trailer stops, etc. plus the line of products was extremely user friendly, which is what I liked about them.

Here is a picture of the Pit Stop/Trailer Stop (PS-1500) I'm thinking about getting, as my wife wants me to build a smaller bike trailer.

All you have to do is roll the front tire in and it automaticly self locks the bike into place.
Secure the back, and you are ready to roll.

If you want to check out their site, here is a link.

First decent ride of the year. I saw something interesting

I was finally able to get out for a nice long ride yesterday. The weather was beautiful. Bikes were everywhwere. I did not go anywhere special, just rode through Carlos Avery wildlife preserve, and putzed around. One of my riding buddies was doing projects trying to get the house ready for sale, another was getting ready to head out of town, and another didn't anwer his cell. I'm guessing he was out before me, and couldn't hear it over the sounds of the bike. So I went for a solo ride.

I did manage to stop at FatBoys Bar and Grill for a beer.

And then I spotted this thing rolling in.

I'm not going to say good or bad about it, as It is what it is, Just plain interesting.

All in all I had a good day riding. It was nice to be back on the road again.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Joe Motorcycle - Just an Average Guy

I happened to run into a biker friend of mine named Joe Motorcycle. Now Joe is an average guy, kinda like Charlie Brown in the comics. Joe spends a lot of time on the Internet, especially on the Motorcycle Views site and on the Motorcycle Views Forum when he's not out riding his bike.

Joe has consented to answer a few questions for me. I must warn you though. Joe is a man of few words.

Oh, and please resist the temptation to click on the links until we get to the end of the interview. If you do click the answers, please remember to use the Back button to return to the interview with Joe.

Walt: "What brand of motorcycle do you ride Joe?"

Joe: "Hey, I just got a new Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker. It's great!"

Walt: "How did you learn to ride?"

Joe: "Never went to one of those new schools. Learned on my own."

Walt: "What color is your scoot?"

Joe: "Some people around here seem to like red but the only motorcycle color I like is black."

Walt: "How many motorcycles do you own?

Joe: "Well, I used to have an old Panhead but had to sell it. I only have one motorcycle these days."

Read the rest of the interview

United Motors of America Recalls V2C-650 and V2S-650 Motorcycles for Gas Cap Leak

United Motors of America, INC has issued a recall of certain 2007 V2C-650 and V2S-650 motorcycles.

These motorcycles were built with fuel tank cap gaskets that prevent proper tank ventilation. This could result in vehicle stalling which could result in a crash and/or fuel leakage which could result in a fire.

1145 units are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Ival and Gordon

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Web site. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery.

See Ival on her 1997 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade with DFT trike conversion. Also see Gordon on his 2007 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

2008 Spring Flood Run

I know I said I don't usually post on weekends, but I'm kinda rained out.
I woke up this moring to rain, and the weather forcasts state 90% to 50% chances of rain showers throughout the day along the St. Croix River areas, which is exactly where the Flood Runners will be riding today.

It will not be a Flood Run day for me like I stated I was going to do today. The weather is not cooperating, and I am a fair weather rider. The ride follows the St. Croix river, which seperates Minnesota, and Wisconsin for the majority of Minnesota. This is precisely, where for the last few days, we have had a wet pattern stall out due to the jet stream remaining far North. It's not pushing the storms through, so they are just kind of stalling out here. Bummer. I'll try to ride a bit today a little closer to home. I've not had much good luck with this run in the past. When I risk bad weather, I hit it. When I stay home due to bad weather, it decides to only tease of it, and I hear some of my buddies say, "you should have come, it was great."

Anyway, it's early in the year still. Plenty of good riding ahead yet.

If I don't post tomorrow, have a good weekend!
Mr. Motorcycle

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Tiger model Boxer 250 CC

Tiger Motorcycle 250 cc model boxer price $2258 in Thailand

electric dirt bike

Californian manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has launched the Zero X, an electric MX motorcycle that it says combines excellent performance with low noise and zero emissions.

Giving credit where it's due:
I got this information from my friends at Custom Motorcycle Talk by BeachCruiser.

I thought for those of you who don't read their site, this was too good to pass up. It is really cool.

They have a really good post about an electric dirt bike from Zero Motorcycles. The bike is called Zero X. I don't want to say much more about it as this is not my post. Just click the link below to go to Beach Cruiser's site to read about it.

Thanks Train for posting this.

Mr. Motorcycle

Motorcycle Club or Group Pictures

Motorcycle Clubs have been around as long as motorcycles. If you belong to a motorcycle club or other motorcycle group and have a picture of your club members as a group, consider sending the picture in to be displayed in my Motorcycle Club or Group Pictures Gallery. Here are the rules.

Do you belong to a motorcycle club or other motorcycle group?

Does your motorcycle club or group have its own Web site?

Do you want the world to see a picture of the members of your club or group? (no member names will be given).

Do you have a group picture of the motorcycle club or group that you can send me?

Do you have the permission of your club's or group's officers to send the picture?

If you can answer YES to the above questions, send in a picture of your club or group along with some information about the group. Also include your club or group's Web site URL so we can link to it. Of course, we encourage you to link to us from your site as well. We will place your picture in the Motorcycle Club or Group Pictures Gallery. Submit a picture and description today.

Submit a Picture of Your Motorcycle Club or Group

See Gallery > Motorcycle Club or Group Pictures

A preview into the weekend, and a Friday Funny

If weather permits, I'll be going on my first biker run of the season. I missed the first big one here this year due to cruddy weather. I will do my best to get some good pictures and post them next week sometime. I don't typically post on the weekends, so untill next week, I give you my Friday Funny.

I've got a pretty good biker joke that a friend sherry Hoskins from Stormy Custom Bike Works shared with me.

The gynecologist:

A gynecologist had become fed up with high cost of malpractice insurance and was on the verge of being burned out. Hoping to find another career where skillful hands would be beneficial, he decided to make a major career change and become a Harley mechanic. He found out from the local community college what was involved, signed up for classes and learned all he could. When the time for the practical exam approached, the former gynecologist prepared carefully for weeks and completed the exam with tremendous skill. When the results came back, he was surprised to find that he had scored 150%. He called the instructor, saying "I don't want to appear ungrateful for such an outstanding result, but I wondered if there was an error." The instructor said, "During the exam, you took the engine apart perfectly, which was worth 50% of the total mark. You also put the engine back together perfectly, which is also worth 50% of the mark." The instructor went on to say, "I gave you that extra 50% because you did all of it through the muffler."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beer - How many miles per gallon do you get?

This is my own little twist on some stats that have been around for a while, but I still thought it was good enough to share.

There was a study that found the average American walks about 900 miles per year.

Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year.

I know I must fall somewhere in this category, as I am an avid beer lover and drinker.

That means, on average, I must get about 41 miles to the gallon.

That's right up there with my Harley.

Kind of makes me proud to be an American Beer Drinking Biker.

Under Ground Moto Racing

Under ground motor racing in Thailand

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

cool movie clips

I've been in a computer software training class for work for the last two days which have completedly consumed my life and time. Please excuse my lack of a real post today, but here is a YouTube video clip I enjoyed. Semo Cycles presents Hyosung Motors (Great add!)


and I'll talk to you all later.

Vectrix Corporation Recalls 2007 Scooters for Battery Pack Problem

Vectrix Corporation has issued a recall of certain 2007 Scooters. These are electric scooters.

The battery module interconnect cables can become loose at the battery terminal within the battery packs. If loose, the battery can overheat. Overheating may cause damage to the battery packs and possibly the bike which could result in a potential fire hazard.

616 units are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

Yamaha Mio 2009

New Yamaha mio model 2009 in thailand.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From the twisted mind of Mr. Motorcycle, I give you…

Mr. Motorcycles twisted sense of humor. Post #1

As I was watching the weather get warmer yesterday, and loving the warmer weather again today, The first thing that came to my mind is how I will fit in a motorcycle ride into my busy schedule today.

When I fly solo for a short ride, I usually don’t have anywhere special to go. I often end up at one of two of my local watering holes. I’m not much for drinking and riding, so I typically limit myself to one beer, which leaves the question…
What else is there to do while at a biker bar than drink?

Of course, eat.

Now that it is warm, the local watering holes will be sure to be grilling outdoors.

Thus, this post of a magnificently twisted picture of something I’ve been saving for all of you.

I give you “the wiener roaster”.

Anyone care for a wiener?

Monday, April 14, 2008

blog directories

Blog directories,

How important are they and do they really direct more traffic to your site?

This is a " blog age" old question. I've listed with several different motorcycle blog directories, and ones not related as well. I'm not sure how much more they really help.

My motorcycle blog is listed with Technorati, which I think is probably one of the biggest ones out there. I am pretty low on their list, as my blog listing with them is brand new as of (4-13-08) last night.

I think I've got some really good content and usefull information for readers interested in motorcycles, custom motorcycle,s and custom paint. I have plenty of contacts out there with a vast array of motorcycle knowledge from the mechanical side, to the builder side to the custom paint side of the industry.

So for those of you who have found me, and those willing to continue to read, I pose the question to you, my captive audience at the moment. Do blog directories to those of you who have been at this some time longer than I help? I humbly ask your opinions, and your advise. I welcome any comments on this subject, including RSS feeds, etc.


Mr. Motorcycle

Motorcycle Touring - Take a Long Trip on Your Motorcycle

The dictionary defines a tour as "a journey for business, pleasure or education often involving a series of stops and ending at the starting point." Thus a tour is a complete circuit.

Motorcycle touring has always been a part of motorcycling. Early riders wanted to jump on their motorcycles and ride to see what was over the next hill. Of course the roads weren't too good in those days and travel could be slow. Bill Stermer in his book, Motorcycle Touring and Travel: A Handbook of Travel by Motorcycle, says:

    "The bike on which most people choose to tour tends to be the one they own at the time."

This was certainly true early on before the advent of the heavyweight touring motorcycles of the last twenty-five years. The introduction of the Honda Gold Wing has changed all that. Read more.

Motorcycle exhaust pipes. Choosing what is right for your bike along with some technical advise.

My blog post about Dyno. tuning and a comment I got from Lady Ridesalot
( ) A.K.A. Glider Rider, inspired me to write this post about exhaust pipes.

Lady R. told me she was looking into possibly getting some new pipes in black, but she likes chrome too. She needs to ponder it awhile.

I commented back to her that as for chrome, vs. black pipes, I like both.

At the 2008 Donnie Smith Invitational Bike Show I was looking at pipes that had black & chrome combined. Boy, were they cool. They were the best of both worlds. There were several different brands (I think). I know for sure there were Rineharts. Kind of spendy. I'm not allowed to so much as even think about new pipes. I just put Vance and Hines on about a year ago. I am happy with them though. They look sleek. Kinda quiet for me, but I get compliments on how they sound regularly. Maybe they are just quieter while I'm on the bike rather than what others hear while next to it.

My old pipes were not stock either, and were definitely louder than the new Vance and Hines I have now. People said my old pipes were loud, but I never heard anyone say how good they sounded. Maybe loud isn't always better. But I really liked loud pipes.
Can I find pipes that are loud and sound good at the same time?
Oh yea, I'm not aloud to look at new pipes anymore.

A friendly little reminder…
What ever you choose, your pipes should be about more than just looks and style. Each set of pipes will naturally change what kind of performance you can achieve mechanically. If you change you pipes, make sure to save some money for Dyno. tuning and a proper re-jetting if applicable. Call around your local shops to see who does the Dyno tuning, and what they charge. I found in my area prices varied from about $150.00 - $350.00. Yes the $350.00 was worth it. They did more as far as full cycle tuning. You need to figure this into the cost of changing your pipes, as baffles are different in all pipes, and pipe width, length, and curves all change backpressure, which changes everything as far as how your engine will perform.

If you don’t Dyno. tune, you can have the best high performance pipes in the world and actually decrease your performance. In worst case scenarios, actually damage your motor.

Mr. Motorcycle

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Tatiana and Mel

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Web site. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery.

See Tatiana on her 1989 Yamaha XV250, "Little Hot Stuff." Also see Mel on his 1959 Cushman Super Eagle, that he had in high school.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Motorcycle Tips - Useful Tips for You and Your Motorcycle

When you run five motorcycle forums very long, you begin to see people posting motorcycle tips. Maybe you've found something that works for you and you want to pass it on to other motorcyclists to help them out. That was the basis for a long running Motorcycle Tips feature that I created on the old site. I also had a submission form so readers could submit their own tips. I got a lot of submissions and the rest came from responses posted in the forums.

I've just re-created Motorcycle Tips on my Motorcycle Views site. To start off, I have motorcycle tips in six categories: Safety, Riding, Maintenance, Cleaning, Insurance, and Touring. Other categories may be added later depending on additional tips received by readers.

Here's an excerpt from a motorcycle tip, How to Keep Your Bike From Being Stolen, from the Safety category:

  • Never leave your bike unattended in questionable/high threat areas. If in doubt, don't park it there.

  • Out of sight, out of mind. A good bike cover if you must leave your bike outside or have no garage (as it is in my case). This simple piece of equipment not only protects your bike from the environment but also from prying eyes.

  • Secure the bike to a solid, immovable object using the heftiest locking device you can find/carry. Supplement with an alarm system if you wish.

  • Simple deterrents like disc locks and what not are a last resort. Typically, only useful in lower threat areas or when you cannot lug that 15-lb New York Chain and lock around.

Check out the rest of this tip, take a look at all the Motorcycle Tips and then send me one of your own to help out other riders.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Mother F#@!*%, oops I mean Mother Nature

Please accept my letter and consider this a formal complaint about the way you've been doing business here in Minnesota lately.

You've been harrassing us bikers with teases of 50's, then snow, then 60's, then snow, then warm again, then snow again, then warm, and now tonight finally an icy, snowy, rainy, sleety mess.
Just exactly what time of year do you think this is? ... January?
I'm fed up. I've had just about enough of your funny stuff. How do you expect me to ride a motorcycle in this kind of weather?

Do you think you are funny?

Ha Ha, well jokes getting old now. Kicking a dead horse!, Tits up. Not funny any more.

I don't wanna have to say it, but if you keep this up, I'm likely to pack up my stuff and find Lucky.
( ) He say's Arizona is getting hot. Even if he's stuck carpooling, He gets to at least ride evenings, and weekends.

What the Heck did he do to get special treatment?
What the Heck did I do wrong?

I expected more out of you by April 10th, and I want some resolve A.S.A.P., OR THE NEXT TIME I'M CALLING YOUR SUPERVISOR, and I won't be so nice.

One very unsatisfied customer.

Mr. Motorcycle

Kawasaki Recalls EX250 for Engine Air Pressure Build-Up

Kawasaki has issued a recall of certain 2008 EX250J8F and EX250J8FL motorcycles.

An engine crankcase vent hole in the air filter box may be blocked. If so, air pressure can build up inside the engine, causing the cylinder head cover gasket to fail and leak oil. If enough oil leaks from the engine, it could drip or spray onto the rear tire. This can create the risk of a crash, possibly resulting in injury or death.

487 units are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

I’m starting a series of Tech. tips. Here’s my first.

Painter’s Tech tip #1

What is wrong with this picture? No, it’s not the fact that it looks like a messed up watercolor painting. I did that on purpose.
I borrowed the picture off of the internet, and smudged it so as not to give away who the paint job or picture was from. I tried my best to make it not recognizable. I don’t want to slam anyone else’s paint work. In the original custom painted gas tank picture the paint was nice & flames were nice. There may not be anything wrong with the picture if the frame on the bike is Yellow.

The reason for the photo is to show mount tabs are painted yellow like the front of the custom paint. Many painters, when custom painting gas tanks, etc, don’t take into consideration what color the frame on the bike is. Unless you’re building a one off chopper from the frame up, chances are you’re not changing the standard stock frame black color to the same colors as your new custom paint job. How does the painter know to paint the tabs black if you don’t point it out to the painter, and special request it, chances are they are going to paint it as is. The mount tabs should be the same color as the frame so they don't stick out like sore thumbs. I even see stock paint jobs this way. Hey, welcome to my mount tabs. Maybe I'm too picky. But I am into customs.

Mr. Motorcycle

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New graphic Honda CBR-150 Motor GP

Honda CBR-150 new graphic in Thailand Motor Show 2008

To Dyno. or not to Dyno.. That is the question.

Let me preface this post by stating, I am not a mechanic, and I am not a Dyno. expert by any means, but here is what I can tell you.

A dynamometer is the technical term for Dyno.
A dynamometer is a machine which is typically used by a mechanic to measure rotational speed or (rpms) and the torque of a motor.

Having this type of measuring and testing system in place while tuning your motorcycles motor is typically referred to as Dyno. tuning.
Dyno. tuning can be done to most motors, not just motorcycles.

However, having a Dyno. tuning done by a qualified Pro. Isn’t cheap.
So, if you have a new bike, it is probably not necessary, but if yours is not running right it’s a good idea. If you’ve changed anything, such as the exhaust, re-jetted, new carbs, new chips, pulled out baffles, put in high performance air cleaner, etc., then this, in my opinion should be a must. Manually tuning your motor will likely only get it close, which could result in improper air to fuel mixture ratios, etc. If you neglect taking the time and money up front to have your bike properly tuned It could cost you bigger bucks for repairs down the road. I had mine done after I had my new motor built, and it runs better than when I got the bike. Unless it’s like 40 degrees Farenheight, I never have to use the choke, and I gained significant horsepower. I’m talking horsepower that I didn’t gain from the bigger motor.

Anyway. Keeping it simple. Dyno tuning is the best way to measure and tune your motorcycle's output to gain optimum performance. It can give you a smoother running motor, gain you horsepower, and save you fuel. Even if you have a bike that is running o.k., it's not a bad idea to Dyno. tune if you want to tweak it out to top performance, and gain horsepower, and fuel economy.

So the question is really, to Dyno, or not to ride.

Also, I welcome anything additional that anyone who knows more about Dyno. Tuning wants to add. Please feel free to comment.

By the way,
I’m not getting anything for this plug, but I figured it only fair to mention them, as they did an awesome job on my motorcycle, and they also verified for me that the information I just posted about was accurate. So if you’re anywhere near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and looking for a reputable Pro. to do your Dyno. tuning, Call B&A Harley Performance, A.K.A. B&A Cylinder Head at (763) 427-7535, or stop by at 1520 99th LN, Blaine, MN 55449. They work on more than just Harleys.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Do you feel like we do?

Peter Frampton's 1976 classic, "Do you feel like we do" hit song comes to my mind every time I see dog with it's head out the car window. What is it about this? Is it that they get an adrenaline rush, a free feeling? Is it the same things that drives us to ride? Anyway, I was going down the road the other day, and spotted this dog loving the open road, wind in his face. He had the right idea. I happened to be in my car, wishing I was on my bike. I was jealous of the dog.

This one was classic Kodak moment. I had to have the photo, so I took it. The guy driving the car looked a little disturbed that I was taking a picture of him going down the road, as if I was taking a picture for evidence of something he may have done wrong or something. I blurred him out for integrity sake. Dude driving the red S.U.V., If you see this, you now know why I took your picture.

Hey, do You feel like "He" do? The dog that is.

Mr. Motorcycle