Monday, April 21, 2008

First decent ride of the year. I saw something interesting

I was finally able to get out for a nice long ride yesterday. The weather was beautiful. Bikes were everywhwere. I did not go anywhere special, just rode through Carlos Avery wildlife preserve, and putzed around. One of my riding buddies was doing projects trying to get the house ready for sale, another was getting ready to head out of town, and another didn't anwer his cell. I'm guessing he was out before me, and couldn't hear it over the sounds of the bike. So I went for a solo ride.

I did manage to stop at FatBoys Bar and Grill for a beer.

And then I spotted this thing rolling in.

I'm not going to say good or bad about it, as It is what it is, Just plain interesting.

All in all I had a good day riding. It was nice to be back on the road again.

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