Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Mother F#@!*%, oops I mean Mother Nature

Please accept my letter and consider this a formal complaint about the way you've been doing business here in Minnesota lately.

You've been harrassing us bikers with teases of 50's, then snow, then 60's, then snow, then warm again, then snow again, then warm, and now tonight finally an icy, snowy, rainy, sleety mess.
Just exactly what time of year do you think this is? ... January?
I'm fed up. I've had just about enough of your funny stuff. How do you expect me to ride a motorcycle in this kind of weather?

Do you think you are funny?

Ha Ha, well jokes getting old now. Kicking a dead horse!, Tits up. Not funny any more.

I don't wanna have to say it, but if you keep this up, I'm likely to pack up my stuff and find Lucky.
( ) He say's Arizona is getting hot. Even if he's stuck carpooling, He gets to at least ride evenings, and weekends.

What the Heck did he do to get special treatment?
What the Heck did I do wrong?

I expected more out of you by April 10th, and I want some resolve A.S.A.P., OR THE NEXT TIME I'M CALLING YOUR SUPERVISOR, and I won't be so nice.

One very unsatisfied customer.

Mr. Motorcycle

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