Thursday, September 3, 2009

Twas not meant to be.

Notice anything new?

As recently seen on Arizona Harley Dude's blog, I saw this light switch cover and just had to have one of my own. I used electrical tape to lay it out, and cut it according to the general shape. I would usually have done it in reverse, sanded it for tooth(adhesion), and them masked it off and painted it black, however, I have women folk in my house, and I was going to see how it played out before doing any thing that would take that much time.

My 17 Yr. Old son thought it was a hoot, and my wife and almost 14 Yr. Old daughter did not think it was quite so funny.

I attest, this is "MY GARAGE" damnit, and I should be able to leave it that way! However, everyone goes in and out quite frequently. (Garbage can, Recycle bin, Extra Fridge./Freezer, Cars, Bikes, Etc. are all in "My garage too.) Therefore I must share "My garage".

With a little guilt, I left it there for the day. (Leaving my man foot firmly dug into place).

The following day, my daughter comes into the house after getting something out of the garage, and claims, "I'm not comfortable even touching that light switch in the garage any more."

I gave in. "Twas not meant to be."
The tape came off, and the women folk are happy again.

You know what they say.
If she ain't happy... Aint Nobody happy!

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