Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Broken Trust

To whom it may concern,

Here is my letter about trust.

Yesterday, I rode out for lunch in St. Paul to meet a couple of my friends Blaine and Pamela, which I recently met on the internets machine thingy. We all rode our bikes there. The place, (which I don't want to mention as I don't want any ill effects on their business), is a normal kind of restaurant/bar, but is also known for being biker. It is one of the few places that has a true mix of people who frequent their establishment. They have regular bike nights, Etc., which led me to feel very comfortable in their surroundings.

Right away, when I pulled into the lot, an employee and some other's had commented on my ride. That made me feel like this was a place where biker types are truly welcome.

I've been on many a bike rally/ runs, whatever you want to call them. Felt just as comfortable.
So comfortable, in fact, that I, just like many others, will leave my jacket, helmet, gloves, etc, on my bike, walk away, and think nothing of it. I guess there is just some kind of trust factor that another brother would not touch your shit. Just like they wouldn't touch your bike.

So just like many times before, I strapped my helmet, and slung it over the handlebars, and went in for a bite to eat with Blaine and Pamela. Lunch was terrific. We had some kickin pizza.
We were saying our goodbyes, and going out the the parking lot, when I noticed right away that my helmet was missing. I said, " Hmm, Looks like someone else wanted my helmet more that I did." I couldn't believe it got stolen. Lesson learned. It ain't about trust. It's about fear. Come to think about it, The only reason a lot of thieving type of people wouldn't attempt this at a biker rally is because you never know who owns what, and who is watching their brothers shit. You wouldn't dare take something that doesn't belong to you because of the fear of getting your ass handed to you.

Sad thing is, when I left it there, strapped over my handle bars, all of this crossed my mind. But I didn't really want to take it inside with me. I figured it'd be fine. I could trust that no one would touch my bike or the helmet. (WRONG!)

Anyway, I'll order a new one today. Lesson learned. No matter how clear the water might look, there is scum at the bottom of every pond.

To the stupid M.F. who took it...
Why would you take a helmet? It has someone else's sweat, and is sized to fit. It's not like just anyone can wear anybody's helmet.
By the way, that helmet was/is custom. I will know it is mine if I ever see it. It has some markings on it, and things written on it that made it MINE. If I ever see you with it on, I will smash it over your Fucking noggin.

A very disgruntled Mr. Motorcycle

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