Monday, September 14, 2009

New look

Mr. Motorcycle Motorcycle Blog has a slightly juiced up look.

"Taste's Great. Less filling"!

Some of the stuff stayed the same since the day I started the blog. I've learned a couple of tricks since then. Thus, it was time for some change.

So if you are reading this through an RSS feed such as Google Reader, please stop by and take a peek. If you are already at my site, Great.

I'd love to hear your reaction to the mild change in visual, and if I don't like your comments, so be it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Heck, If it is constructive, I might even listen. (Maybe.)


P.S. I can't wait for tomorrow night's Season 2, episode 2 of Son's of Anarchy!

Tune in and watch it, and stop by my blog tomorrow afternoon to get the scoop on what happened if you can't watch the show, or just want a recap.

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