Friday, June 26, 2009

Pic of the week with a tattoo side note

When I woke up this morning, it was beautiful outside. Instead of just putting my dog out on the leash, I went outside with him. The grass was still wet with dew, and the sun was shining. The sunshine cascading on this dew laden cobweb caught my eye like a shiny coin would on black tar. The spider was in the middle. It was a classic picture of nature and it's beauty. It was one of those simpler things in life that make you realize how beautiful nature can be. I quickly got my camera to captured the moment.

Then I got to thinking.
I love cobwebs. They are really pretty, as long as you aren't walking through one. They also look pretty cool, and signify a sort of toughness. I've even got an old cobweb tattoo on my right shoulder. It's got a Black Widow in the center.

I remember thinking that I always thought that those cobwebs on the elbows looked pretty cool. When I got that tattoo I seriously pondered getting one one my elbow instead of my shoulder.
But I chose not to because I wanted all my tattoos to be able to be covered up by short sleeves for business purposes if I ever got a job where it really mattered.

Here is a picture of a dude with the classic elbow cobweb.
Pretty cool.
I had always heard that it had a meaning, but never knew what it was.
The power of the internet revealed to me that typically, the cobweb on someone's elbow signifies that they have been, or still are in prison. An extension or thread is added for each year they spend in the joint.

Funny, I never knew that until now.
I guess we all learn things as we go.

I'm glad that I know now. I'm also glad that I didn't choose an elbow cobweb design for a tattoo back then, not knowing what I know now. Boy would I have looked like a dumb ass at 19 with a tattoo signifying I spent five years in the Pen. That would have meant I was 14 Yrs. old when I started my hardened prison life. LOL!

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