Saturday, June 27, 2009

Honda Unique Modified

Views from the 2006 Honda Vario Sumedang, West Java, this can be spelled out or modification works terunik extreme. The unique, Deden Darmawan, the modificator that formed skubek a low rider, it is to flow out of the grip is. Then, rear brake system is also not common, including the driving wheel of the car components.

Generally, modifications, low rider set back behind the wheel with the retreat retreat plus-friction engine. However, from the SS Custom Deden loosen ban tolerable standard of "remote" to be 50 cm with the swing arm (swing arm) new. "Backward position with the engine still in place," said Deden.

According Deden, the concept of the system following modification knock down loading alias pairs. So, he said, if want to return to a standard live release dibuatnya the swing arm of the pipe size 4 x 6 cm thickness of 3 mm.

Because retreat far enough, the system rear wheel drive with assisted overdrive and chain. The CVT system is fixed and guaranteed Deden not damaged at all. Meanwhile, the combination of front and back of the gear shift is selected 1:1. "How it works overdrive keep in touch with the front wheels as original and connect with the adapter," said the father two children.

Adaptornya made of iron have a thickness of 16 cm. Quite thick indeed, the aim to pursue a position between the center front and back. Then, the second gear wheel connected with a chain to the rear wheels. Here, select Deden keteng chain of car Mitsubishi L300. Rantainya doubles so that (more) strong (chain) standard motor, "said Deden.

Penghenti rate for the system, here to create a unique Deden other. In addition to maintaining the original with the drum, also added more disc brake system. Placement between the arm and the gear shift forward, not in velg. Then, I still work with one master brake handel and placed under the deck so that it is closed.

Try to note the motor body. The extreme forms that are also a knock down and still use the original order without the cut. Once the word Deden. Then, note also velgnya. Results fusion velg car Toyota Avanza with the fingers cross the property of the Jupiter-Z 'together with bolts.

Honda Unique Modified

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