Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 Donnie Smith Bike show

In my opinion, these were the best bikes there. I'm a bit of a bobber fan.

I didn't even bother taking pics of all of the extreme bikes.
Some of the choppers now days are getting so long, so low, so covered up in plastic, fiberglass, sheet metal, what have you, and then being over done in themes that they don't hardly even resemble bikes anymore.

They make me sick. I wanted to vomit at the site of most of them. Thus not even worthy of photographing in my opinion.

I really like the bobber, because it brings you back to the basics of what I think a bike is.
This first red one here The "Retro Rocket" was built by Kings Of Custom Mid-States Power Sports.
It was truly a work of art, and the paint is nonetheless satisfying to look at.

The next four bikes are all Sucker Punch Sally's

And the last one "Green With Envy" A wicked old school, I forgot to get the builder, Sorry.

Click Here to go to my YouTube video and see them. Enjoy the eye candy!

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