Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wild Motorcycle Tales - Motorcycle Stories to Remember

We've all heard motorcycle stories and wild motorcycle tales.

Every motorcyclist has his or her motorcycle stories or wild tales to tell.

Why not write down your best motorcycle stories taken from your own personal experiences and submit them to Motorcycle Views. I'll pick the funniest, most interesting motorcycle stories and make them available on the site. It's your chance to get your 15-minutes of fame and give others a great motorcycle story.

Are you ready for some Wild Motorcycle Tales? See if you can top these motorcycle stories recently sent in by your fellow motorcyclists.

Here's a sample Wild Motorcycle Tale called Chicken Caper:

    When I was in High School way back in the early '60s, I had a 175 Allstate. Back then motorcycles only had 2 speeds to me -- off or wide open. Of course that was only about 65 mph on the Allstate.

    Riding along a country road one day, I topped a small rise in the road and found a flock of chickens covering the road. Too late to slow down so I plowed right through them. When I looked back, all I could see was a white cloud of chickens and feathers flying in the sky.

    When I got to my friend's house he came out and said, "What's that on your muffler?" I looked down and found I must have caught one unfortunate hen with the foot peg and knocked an egg out of her. I had a perfectly scrambled egg splattered down my exhaust pipe. -- John

Now, read all the Wild Motorcycle Tales and then write up your own story and send it to me.

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