Tuesday, July 8, 2008

58 Years of Indian: A Motorcycle Picture Gallery

Indian began making motorcycles in 1901 as the Hendee Manufacturing Company. The first production model was in 1902 and 143 units were produced. In 1903, 376 motorcycles were sold. It continued production through 1953 when it no longer made the classic Indian. In 1999, Indian motorcycles were again produced, this time by the Indian Motorcycle Corporation. This was not the same company but it did have rights to the Indian name and trademarks.

We present here a look at Indian models from the first prototype model in 1901 to the present as provided in pictures submitted by Motorcycle Views members. A gallery called "58 Years of Indian" is provided that gives a picture and description for each model year from 1901 to 2003.

There are many years not covered in this gallery. Your help is solicited for the following years. If you own one of these models or used to, please submit a picture and description to help us complete the gallery.


Take a look at 58 Years of Indian and then send us a picture of your Indian motorcycle.

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