Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old small town bar T-shirt

When I was a kid growing up, I lived in a rather small rural town. There were more bars there at one time than you could possibly think is necessary.

Anyway, there was a bar there that no longer exists. Too bad, Cause I'd go and get one of their T-shirts today if I could.

The bar was called ..... The B & D Bar.
Now I'm not sure what B & D actually meant. I'm guessing it was the initials for the owner's.
But we kids all knew it to mean Bikers & Drunks.

Remember being a kid, singing along with the tunes on the radio, and not having the faintest idea what the lyrics really meant half the time, untill you got a litle older?

Well, the B & D Bar had a T-shirt kinda like that. It had a picture of a Booze bottle on the front, and a picture of a poker table and cards on the back. The shirt read.... Liquor in the front, and Poker in the rear at the B & D Bar. What a classic! Wish I owned one! I was too young to get one when the bar was still around. My parents would have killed me.
I know it has no class but I still want it!
I also know I can go on the internet and have one made, or buy someone elses version of this shirt, but to me, it wouldn't be the same. I guess tying it to an old biker bar that I grew up by has some kind of sentimental value to it, if you can put sentiment on crass stuff like this anyway.

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