Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gadget GPS Mounting for Flat Surfaces

Don't have a round bar? But still want to mount your GPS, radio, iPod, phone, camera, beverage holder or other electronics?

The Leader Flat-Surface Mounting Bracket just might be the ticket!

The Flat-Surface Mounting Bracket works on almost ANY flat surface. So your gadget(s) can be mounted to scooters, trikes or other motorcycles with panel space. It also mounts easily to boats; ATVs/UTVs; classic cars; RVs; golf carts; and aircraft. You can move your item from motorcycle to ATV to boat (etcetera!) with just one screw adjustment!

The Flat-Surface Mounting Bracket even includes our UltraSecurity feature. This means the Bracket and electronics can be mounted at ANY angle (even 'point down') and you will never lose them (nor can they be easily stolen!). For even more flexibility, you can pair it with the UltraTilt.

It's chrome-plated and made in the USA just like our other products. It's even compatible with TechMount and RAM systems. For more details, click here.

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