Thursday, March 4, 2010

Black Bob part 5

So 2007 came n went with a succession of modern bikes that never quite filled the gap, I got sent a pic that by a mate who'd seen BB down at a bike show in Aldershot.

Tail end of the year I got a call from Adam, he'd decided to sell BB, would I be interested?
So by selling a few Indian spares and the modern bike of the moment, I rustled up the asking price (less than he'd paid) I sorted out a man wiv a van to bring the beastie north and a week later BB was back in the lockup.
Adam had made some minor changes, the pipes were shorter and now had a kick up at the rear, which I liked, but they needed something - so I wrapped them! He'd changed the speedway bars for a narrower set and had machined up some low risers, otherwise BB was pretty much the same bike to look at.

The motor wasn't the same tho........... it started fine and would tick over, but all through the midrange there was a stuttering misfire, tried the Mag, new condenser, new coil, still the same!

Over the winter the top end got stripped down and checked over, I decided to fit a Morgo 750cc big bore kit, and a Cobb Racing sidedraft Mikuni kit from the states. These fitted early Summer 2008 BB was back on the road, the Mikuni wasnt quite running right, so I took it along to Highland MC Dyno's, just along the road from me and they got it running pretty sweet. Still a bit iffy when cold but once warmed up the motor pulls strong.

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