Thursday, December 10, 2009

Motorcycle Rider Gift Idea #3: Motorcycle Camera Mount

The DeluxeCAM motorcycle camera mount will work with any digital camera, video camera or camcorder that can be put on a tripod!

Put your camera where you can easily reach it and shoot photos or video without endangering anyone (especially YOU!). And because you can choose from four height options, you CAN get around fairings or windshields to get the clearest picture.

You control every angle - and we mean EVERY angle! (We even shot some video looking backward with the camera upside-down!) There is NO other camera mount that has this kind of flexibility!

The secret? The UltraSecurity feature - it ensures your camera will NEVER fall off (even if YOU are shooting upside-down!).

It's easy to install and remove when not in use (no special tools necessary!) and the chrome mounting hardware ... well, the chrome just looks like it belongs on your motorcycle. It is - quite simply - the nicest-looking motorcycle camera holder - EVER.

For more details - and to see actual footage shot with our mount - visit "How to Mount a Camera on a Motorcycle".

You can also read a review by Thunder Press Magazine!

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