Wednesday, November 18, 2009



2009 This year seems to be the resurrection of "iron horse" or better known automated with motor matic. Because many of modifikator look at this bike as a spill their creativity in memodif become more stylish appearance. This is also evidenced by the dominance of the number of participants who register their motor matic contest to contest the modification, Djarum Black MOTODIFY 2009 (23-24/5) which was held at the Convention Center Grage.

Facts matic triumph motorcycles also depicted through the champion category Airbrush Animation Eko Wahyanto claim, from the workshop Exxo Art. Yamaha Mio brings lansiran 2007, with the concept of low-rider and more emphasis on the motive airbrush realists. Figure realist thorough attached to the motor body, none are left. The difficulty does not come from the application of the bodinya overall picture, but it happened on the complexity of the picture carried disclosures. While the sector is not experiencing a change machine, which relied on the specification still uses the original runway kitchen manufacturers tuning fork logo.

"The work overall is not complicated, I feel it in the process of disclosure of the image that I stretcher. Because not all people understand what I mean in the picture, so the depiction of detail necessary to airbrush her," said modifikator this one. Due to the chosen theme of the animated cartoon Star Wars movie should be considered an appropriate disclosure mature to understand clearly the purpose picture film characterizations.

Team-based workshops in Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta is not no good come all the way to Cirebon, because the performance achieved quite encouraging that won first prize in the category of best Airbrush Animation. Aimed at conveying his ideas to anyone who witnessed the bike, Eko must be willing to spend around Rp. Pour 10 millions for this concept.

Meanwhile, when asked about his opinion about the event, Eko said, events like this are excellent for stimulating creativity of modifikator to continue work, as well as his determination to create new concepts better. This aims at the intention to participate in the event MOTODIFY participate further, and try to reach the main title of Best Black Bike. [nus / timABT]

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