Monday, October 12, 2009

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 5 review


Clay pays a visit to Impeccable Smokes, the new smoke shop in Charming owned by Ethan Zobel (played by Adam Arkin). Clay say's he is there to give him a proper welcome. He informs Zobel that he is going to need some protection. Zobel says, "That seems awfully nefarious for mechanics and Harley enthusiasts". Clay says, "Well, you pay, or you go away. Your choice Adolf. Welcome to Charming." Clay exits the store but not without taking a few boxes of cigars to pass around to the club.

Just after that, A.J. Weston the skinhead played by Henry Rollins walks in. Zobel says to him that Mr. Morrow needs to be humbled. They put a hit for a beating on Otto, who is a member of SOA and currently in the prison system. Jax confronts Deputy David Hale about this and asks him, "Where are you at with it". He says "No where".

Unser confronts Hale as well. Hale gets in Unser's face. Say's who are you to talk? You've been on Clays tit from the beginning. Unser tells Hale that he chose him for a reason. He is the good guy. He needs him to stay that way, or the entire department will be nothing but a god damn joke.
Unser makes Hale keep a secret, and informs him about Gemma's rape.

The club takes a vote on retaliation now or later for the beating of Otto. The vote turns no majority so they will wait until they learn more and they can play it safe. They realize that the League is really big and powerful.

Two episodes back, a blonde woman tricks Gemma into helping her with her choking baby. Then to find out the baby was a doll, and she clocks Gemma and knocks her out. This is how they got a hold of Gemma to gang rape her. We find out in this episode #5 season 2 that this woman is Ethan Zobel's daughter. She has planted a car bomb minivan for the SOA mechanics to stumble upon. Chibs, played by Tommy Flanagan practically gets blown to kingdom come.
Luckily he heard the timer when he went to start the van, and took off running just before it blew, which I doubt would be covered by van insurance. He did get caught in the explosion though, and was somewhat burnt, cut up, and knocked out. This is where the show ended.

Again this was action packed, and the trailer for episode #6 has got me itching for more.

I can't wait!

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