Monday, January 5, 2009

How not to... You get the picture.

The other day, I saw this and just about crapped. Sorry for the bad images, but it was snowing, my windshield was dirty, I was in fast moving traffic, and only had a few seconds to find my digital camera and snap off a couple of pictures before I hit a freeway exit ramp.

There are a lot of cops driving the same car as I drive around here. I could easily be misconstrued as an under cover cop. Shortly, (moments after) I took these two photos, this guy pulled over, and I passed. I'm not sure if he pulled over to fix the motorcycle's situation, or if he pulled over because the flashes from my digital camera may have looked like an undercover trying to pull him over.

Can't stop thinking about this one. That thought came to my mind, and I sure hope that was not the case. Guess I'd better be careful taking pictures like these in the future.

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