Friday, May 9, 2008


This is something I saw on A.K.A. Bikes in the Fast Lane.

I'm not huge on doing reposts, but this one was something that I felt I had to share.

I'm doing this on the assumption that not everyone reads that blog. And I would hate for any of the people who read my blog to miss out on this if they were interested.

It is a really great option for those of us without saddle bags on our motorcycles, or a great option for anyone just looking for quick access to the wallet, cell phone, going through tolls if touring, etc.
I always wonder how I'm going to haul my stuff. My pockets in my leather jacket get stuffed, and I don't always want to wear a jacket, especially when it's hot. Sometimes I get lucky and ride with others who are willing to share their saddle bag or luggage bag storage with me.
I can't do the back pack thing. It doesn't work for my look, and fanny pack? Not fitting of the look either in my opinion.

I'm seriously thinking about getting one. It is really affordable.
I believe this might even come in handy for bikers, "like the kind that pedal".
Be sure to check out their website for more details.

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