Monday, March 31, 2008

I once knew this girl named Charity.

Just kidding.

I got your attention though.

It seems as if charity is the theme of a lot of bloging, including some of mine.

3-27-08, Thursday night’s episode of American Chopper hosted Mikey and U Of Michigan, doing the lead for a theme bike for an auction for a charity event. This is one of many bikes done this way for O.C.C.
O.C.C., Orange County Choppers is always involved in charity, sometimes indirectly, but still doing charity. It seems every other theme bike they build gets auctioned off for a good cause charity event of some kind.

I’ve seen on blogs lately some of these posts…..

Bikes, Art And Rock And Roll For A Good Cause on


Largest Women’s Only Ride. on

Builders Breakfast Delivers in Daytona on
Inaugural Biker Fusion Event at the Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse

on my own site, I recently wrote about donating time and or sponshorship monies for the Adopt a Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc program.


Non blog related charity events held annually locally where I’m from…

Local Flood Run - Wisconsin / Minnesota for Gillette Children’s Hospital


Lightning Run for Diabetes

Are these all just excuses to ride, gather, party, advertise, gain publicity, get tax right off’s, Etc.???
Maybe they are, maybe they aren't.
Whatever the reason behind the charity event, it still just feels good to be a part of something bigger, to give something back.
What ever the reason behind the reason, Keep it going.

Mr. Motorcycle

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