Sunday, January 10, 2010

Columbia 1960 Middleweight

All Parts including Bearings are still Original, Except Grips, Sadle, Pedals and Tires when we have around 1990's. And Couple times of painting jobs. Rechromes Parts, And on Rims there are some holes because of rust.
The Chainguard is missing too but totally still in good conditions.
Many years been a display in the living room

But Know: After Restored ( mid 2009 ), i added some new parts on it, likes:
  • NEW Vintage Columbia Badge Original
  • Customed Midleweight style Sadle Bicycle
  • Customed Rear Rack Handmade; adapted from the Original Model
  • Pedals Bow Gold Chromes
  • New White Wall Tires 26 x 1.75
  • New White Grips
  • and The Last finally Found the Original Chainguard

Why it calls Middleweight?? is because This Bicycle Era Forks will not fit if you use Ballon Tires, another reasons also is The Bike in this Era were designed to be run much faster than the Previous era bike models.

Manufaturer: Columbia Bicycle Company of Westfield Massachusetts

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