Sunday, May 24, 2009


As a agent decay MOGE, Handoko tertantang with Awang Alamsjah desire. SMU Student Affairs 2 Ungaran, Central Java, accept this 2008 Honda CBR150 own MOGE adapted after waste. "Perhaps the aftertaste of the market, I can not see after a egocentric admiration consumers," said skipper BJM Motorsport accept a abounding name Raynaldo Handoko Sugiarto.

Finally, Handoko the bowl actual and cilia to change the attending of modifikasi honda CBR. Consideration of the plate, he said, because the actual is added adjustable and lightweight. The action added bound so that assembly costs are additionally the added low. Hence, the close was formed in the ascetic of the authorization bowl bold galvanis 1 mm.


Tail nungging additional single-seat (single seater) abbreviate streetfighter. Despite the consequence as motor selfish. "It was acquired through the framework of the afterlight aback altercation model," added the man bertitel graduates this technique.HONDA CBR EXTREME MODIFICATION

Fuel tanks gambot advised application fiber, alike admitting its accommodation is still the aforementioned as the standard. Meanwhile, airscoop far from galvanis to acclimatize to the tank. Included additionally with the larboard addition and the far appropriate catchbasin through customized steps.

Lights dicomot advanced of Satria F-150, and again advised with sipit use cilia captivated about the mica. "Completely apish nudge the anatomy so that in time, but the ablaze still aglow lights," Handoko abiding that in the absolute blush motto.


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