Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's in a name?

Road names, Many of us have one, many of us don't.

Blog names, Most of us got.

A road name is traditionally not picked by the bearer of the name, but rather is bestowed upon them by a fellow rider of a group. Usually for something they have done, or in a way a right of passage earned in many cases.

A road name can be simply a nickname, a joke of sorts, or an honorable title.

I have no road name, as I do not typically ride in groups, or belong to a MC, or even a HOG chapter. I have a blog name that was bestowed onto me by an anonymous blogger, and to keep names secret, decided that when talking about me, Mr. Motorcycle was fitting. So when I started my blog, the name just fit, and it stuck.

The stories behind the names are what truly make them interesting.

Here is your chance to tell us your story weather it is about your blog name, or road name, or both. Weather you gave the name(s) yourself, or had it/them given to you, let's hear your story!

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