Friday, September 19, 2008

For any local Minnesotans and Cheeseheads alike, the 43rd annual fall Flood Run is tomorrow!

I have been so busy at work, doing overtime as the weather has been perfect for the overtime. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for me to go for rides. I get out about 4 days a week, if not only for a short half hour or so, but I at least get to scratch the itch as they say. I got out for a bit longer yesterday, and thought about the ride coming up tomorrow. Tomorrow's ride is the 43rd annual Fall Flood Run. This ride benefits the Gillette's Children's Hospital.

I'll be partaking in this ride, and can't wait. It's been a while since I've been on a "real" ride. Unfortunately, I had prior commitments for the later half of the day, so my ride will have to be cut short. I'll make the most of it though.

This ride follows the Mississippi River. It has two runs. One on the Minnesota side, and simultaneously runs on the Wisconsin side of the river. More to come later. Stay tuned.

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