Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just because you can doesn't mean you necessarily should.

I, being a custom painter an all by ex trade, love all things custom. I do like some stock stuff too, but almost, (O.K.) everything I've ever owned, has practically been customized in some way. I used to not know when to quit. I couldn't always judge when enough was enough, and more was too much. My wife has been great at pointing out when I've reached this point over the years, and has helped me find subtlty in customs. This makes for a classy custom look, rather than loud and what I consider gaudy custom. I've been working on perfecting this over the years, and have actually started getting a reputation for subtle custom paint that some folks have noticed, and even commented on.

This brings me to, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you necesarily should."
I've been a fan of customs as long as I can remember. I do even love customs that are not subtle, however, I've seen some stuff out there that makes me wonder why? Again "Just because you can, doesn't mean you necesarily should."

I'm not going to pick on any one bike builder/artist, because without pushing the envelope on going to extremes, all things would remain stagnant, however, while pushing extremes, can't you look at the bike-paint job, etc. and go, O.K., that's enough, lets call it good before it goes to the point of being just plain rediculous. Who wants to ride this Sh*t anyway? And if it's just for show, What a waste. O.K. Done ranting. Thanks for listening to me. This post was inspired by a rediculous custom that I saw recently. Great bike builder known for Extremes.

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