Monday, February 26, 2007

Peter Fonda Does Ghost Rider Without a Motorcycle

Peter Fonda, iconic star of Easy Rider, has done over 70 films. He appears in the current Ghost Rider film playing the devil. Peter continues to ride motorcycles as he shortly turns 67.

A piece by Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times, and reported in discusses Fonda's career and his need for speed. He once went 189 mph on an MV Agusta F4-1000 sportbike. Here's an excerpt:

"I've had this puppy up to 189," Fonda said, not so much boasting as marveling at his own stupidity during a rest stop at Coldwater Canyon Park. "I never want to do that again. One road rut, and I would have been toast."

Read Carpenter's story for all the details.

Also, read my movie review of Ghost Rider as reported here in the Motorcycle Views Blog.

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