Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hoss Hauls Heavy Humanitarian

When you got a lot of stuff to deliver and no
snow for your sleigh to glide on, who ya gonna call?

The biker type guy at the reins is Hoss, the guy on the back is some kind of delivery fellow from the far north. Hoss has managed to ride his Lehman trike every month of the year since he got it, don't hurt to have a third wheel for stability in the ice and snow.
Lehman trikes are made in Westlock, Alberta and Spearfish, South Dakota and sold world wide. The trike conversions are made for all the brands of motorcycles but I think Hoss bought his for the throaty roar and rumble of the Harley engine.
You can usually hear Hoss thumping around town on his Harley most times of the year, he uses it as a daily commuter to work, takes it to meetings, goes golfing on it, and sometimes lets his wife ride on the back. Rumor has it that he will be riding the big white thumper down to Sturgis bike week this upcoming year, dressed to the hilt in his Harley gear, you will know him when you see him, he is hard to miss because he will try to sell you some real estate.
You meet the nicest people on a Honda they say, with a Harley you are sure to be surprised who is going to be riding.

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